Crossbow killer: Manhunt on after 3 women found fatally wounded

By Al Jazeera (World News) | Created at 2024-07-10 13:05:45 | Updated at 2024-07-21 19:29:59 1 week ago


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Police say the women were found severely wounded in a house in Bushey, northwest of London, and later died at the scene.

Published On 10 Jul 2024

British police are hunting for a man believed to be armed with a crossbow after three women were killed in a house near London.

Hertfordshire police said a 26-year-old man is being sought over the suspected triple murder. Chief Superintendent Jon Simpson said the suspect is believed to have targeted the women who are related.

“The manhunt also involves armed police officers and specialist search teams responding at pace in the wake of what has been an horrific incident, involving what is currently believed to be a crossbow and other weapons may also have been used,” Simpson said.

Police said the three women – aged 25, 28 and 61 – were found seriously wounded in a house in Bushey, northwest of London, on Tuesday evening. Police and ambulance crews tried to save them but they were pronounced dead at the scene.

One neighbour, who asked to remain anonymous, told the Watford Observer newspaper at about 7pm she heard a woman “screaming and then it was more shrill”.

Police did not say if the suspect, who is from London, is connected to the women. The man may still be armed with the weapon and the public was warned not to approach him.

Crossbows are legal in the United Kingdom and no licence is required to own one.



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