Hunter Biden trial live: Jury adjourns after first day of deliberation on gun charges

By The Independent (World News) | Created at 2024-06-11 12:20:19 | Updated at 2024-06-17 00:20:49 5 days ago


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President’s son is facing three criminal charges for allegedly purchasing and posessing a gun while addicted to crack cocaine

Security footage appears to shows Hallie Biden dumping Hunter Biden’s gun in garbage

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The jury in Hunter Biden’s federal gun charges trial will continue deliberations on Tuesday to determine if the president’s son is guilty or not of lying on a federal gun form and unlawfully posessing a firearm.

Monday’s proceedings saw the defense rest their case and both sides deliver closing arguments to the jury of 12 Delaware residents.

Prosecutors allege Biden lied on a federal gun form about his unlawful use of illegal drugs when purchasing a handgun in October 2018. They claim Biden was actively using crack cocaine at the time.

During closing, they pointed to testimony Biden’s exes gave about his drug use and text messages he sent to his sister-in-law and former girlfriend Hallie Biden about using drugs days before he purchased the gun.

Defense attorneys sought to undermine Hallie, insinuating she was unreliable. They argued that the government did not have evidence Biden was using drugs when he purchased the gun – only that he was using drugs in 2018.


Watch live: Hunter Biden trial continues with jury deliberations

Ariana Baio11 June 2024 13:15


What to expect on day six

Jurors are expected to return to the federal building in Wilmington, Delaware to continue deliberations in the federal gun charges trial.

It is unclear when or if they will reach a verdict but they must vote unanimously to convict Biden on any of the criminal charges.

Ariana Baio11 June 2024 13:00


Who’s who in the Hunter Biden trial

Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, is on trial for three federal gun-related charges after he allegedly unlawfully obtained a firearm in October 2018.

Among those testifying are three of Hunter’s former romantic partners: his ex-wife; his ex-girlfriend; and his sister-in-law-turned-lover.

Ariana Baio reports:

Ariana Baio11 June 2024 12:00


Hunter Biden prosecutors says ‘ugly’ and ‘personal’ evidence was ‘absolutely necessary’ in closing arguments

The president’s son faces three counts: False statement in the purchase of a firearm, false statement in a record required to be kept, and being a drug user or drug addict in possession of a firearm.

Gustaf Kilander11 June 2024 11:00


Jury instruction discussion includes definition of reasonable doubt and immunity

Hunter Biden’s federal gun trial resumed in Delaware, with the judge discussing final jury instructions with attorneys.

The judge began Monday’s proceedings by overruling many of the defense team’s objections to her proposed instructions. Specifically, the word “knowingly”.

Hunter Biden is charged with three felonies stemming from a handgun purchase in October 2018. Prosecutors say he lied when buying the gun by stating that he was not a drug user or addict.

AP, Ariana Baio11 June 2024 09:00


Biden rules out pardoning Hunter if he’s convicted on gun charges

President Joe Biden has revealed he will not pardon his son, Hunter Biden, if he is convicted on felony gun charges.

ABC News’ David Muir asked the president point blank if he would accept the outcome of his son’s trial. “Yes,” the president replied, also telling Muir he would rule out pardoning his son if convicted.

In Thursday’s interview, Biden also told ABC News he thinks Trump has attempted to “undermine” the law since his conviction.

“He got a fair trial,” Biden said. “The jury spoke.”

Katie Hawkinson11 June 2024 07:00


Interest in Hunter Biden’s memoir soars during trial

Hunter Biden’s 2021 memoir is experiencing a boost in sales thanks to its appearance in his federal gun charges trial this week.

On Monday, the first day of the trial in Wilmington, Delaware, Biden’s book Beautiful Things jumped from its 338,000 spot in Amazon rankings to 12,900, USA Today reported, citing data from Publisher’s Marketplace.

By Wednesday afternoon, the second day of trial testimony, the book jumped up to the 4,200 range.

Ariana Baio11 June 2024 05:00


How Beau Biden’s death is tied to Hunter Biden’s trial

Beau’s death enormously impacted his family, including his younger brother Hunter who recalled in his 2021 memoir Beautiful Things that the grief became overwhelming.

Hunter said he struggled with drug and alcohol addiction after Beau died in 2015. During his federal gun charges trial, Hunter’s attorneys said his relapse stemmed from the grief he felt over the loss of his older brother.

In the wake of Beau’s death, Hunter dated his brother’s widow, Hallie, on and off. The two have spoken about their shared grief over the loss of Beau. They eventually ended their relationship in 2019 and Hunter entered a treatment program to get sober.

Ariana Baio11 June 2024 03:00


Everything Biden has said about his son Hunter’s gun trial

President Joe Biden has mostly stayed quiet about his son’s felony firearm trial, who is accused of lying on a background check form in 2018 and unlawfully obtaining a gun while addicted to drugs.

Early on, the White House refrained from commenting on Hunter’s legal matters, referring any questions to the Justice Department or his son’s legal team. However, recently, Biden himself has both voiced his support for his son while promising not to hold him to a different standard than the average citizen.

Kelly Rissman reports:

Ariana Baio11 June 2024 01:00


What kind of sentencing is Hunter Biden facing?

Biden is facing three felony charges: two counts of making false statements while purchasing a firearm; and one count of unlawfully possessing a gun while addicting to, or using, illegal drugs.

The charges carry a maximum sentence of 25 years and fines of up to $750,000. However, there is no minimum sentence.

It is unlikely that Biden would receive a lengthy jail sentence if convicted, given that he is a first-time, nonviolent offender and cases similar to Biden’s have resulted in little jail time.

Instead, Judge Maryellen Noreika could choose to impose other penalties like fines or probation.

Ariana Baio11 June 2024 00:00

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