Opinion: Congress Passes Bill to Allocate Billions to Ukraine

By DevEvil News | Created at 2024-04-20 23:09:23 | Updated at 2024-06-17 00:54:24 1 month ago


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Written by Sadra A. & Lisa Jackson

In a controversial move that has sparked outrage among conservative lawmakers, the U.S. House of Representatives has approved a new funding bill allocating over $60.8 billion to Ukraine for its defense against Russia. The bill, spearheaded by Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson, received bipartisan support, with 210 Democrats and 101 Republicans voting in favor, while 112 Republicans opposed it.

The legislation, which also includes billions in aid for Israel and Taiwan, has drawn criticism from conservative voices who argue that the focus should be on addressing domestic issues rather than allocating funds to foreign nations.

"The House of Representatives and Speaker Mike Johnson don’t give a damn about the American people, our border, our jobs, our economy, or our national security," said Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene on X. "The most important thing in Congress is spending another $61 BILLION of YOUR money to fuel a war in Ukraine, protect a foreign border, and prop up the military industrial complex. My amendment would strip every dollar from this Ukraine slush fund and reduce the dollar amount to $0. Congress has already sent $113 BILLION to Ukraine. We shouldn’t send another penny."

Democrats, however, have lauded the bill as a crucial step in supporting Ukraine's fight for freedom and democracy. the former Democratic speaker, Nancy Pelosi, made a stridently graphic appeal: “I hope our colleagues will choose democracy and decency rather than autocracy and evil because I fear if you choose the Putin route, you will have blood on your hands, blood of the children, blood of their mothers raped in front of their parents, raped in front of their children,” she said.

Volodymyr Zelenskiy, Ukraine’s president, recently warned that his country “will lose the war” without US assistance, as its military has struggled with ammunition and air defense shortages and Russia has pressed a growing advantage in firepower as Congress prevaricated.

Immediately after the bill passed, ZelenskIy released a statement expressing his gratitude to both parties “and personally Speaker Mike Johnson for the decision that keeps history on the right track”.

“Democracy and freedom will always have global significance and will never fail as long as America helps to protect it. The vital U.S. aid bill passed today by the House will keep the war from expanding, save thousands and thousands of lives, and help both of our nations to become stronger, ” he said. “Just peace and security can only be attained through strength. We hope that bills will be supported in the Senate and sent to President Biden’s desk. Thank you, America!”

Sergii Marchenko, the Ukrainian finance minister, pointed to the legislation’s provision for budget support.

“This is the extraordinary support we need to maintain financial stability and prevail,” he wrote on X.

Members were voting on a package worth close to $95 billion in total, but which had been broken up into four separate bills, as Johnson effectively de-coupled the vote on Ukraine from funding for Israel, which is more widely supported among both Democrats and Republicans.

The vote on granting additional funding for Israel also easily passed the House, with 365 in favor and only 57 opposed: 36 Democrats and 21 Republicans.

The $95bn in total funding includes: 

  • $61bn for Ukraine.
  • $26bn for Israel.
  • $8bn for US allies in the Indo-Pacific region, including Taiwan.
  • $9bn in humanitarian assistance for civilians in war zones, such as Haiti, Sudan, and Gaza.

The bill's passage comes after months of debate and delay, with tensions running high within the Republican party over the allocation of funds to Ukraine. Many Republicans have expressed opposition to the bill, citing concerns about excessive spending and the administration's handling of foreign policy.

What else did Johnson give away while he’s begging Democrats for votes and protection?” said Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene on X. We do not have a Republican majority anymore, our Republican Speaker is literally controlled by the Democrats and giving them everything they want.

Despite the controversy, the House erupted into applause as the bill passed, with politicians waving Ukraine's flag and shouting “UKRAINE, UKRAINE”.

Once again, the Biden Administration and its allies in Congress have demonstrated their misplaced priorities by funneling billions of taxpayer dollars to foreign nations while neglecting pressing issues at home. While Americans struggle with rising inflation, crime, and an open southern border, our elected officials are busy playing global police.

It is outrageous that our hard-earned tax dollars are being squandered on foreign conflicts while our own country faces myriad challenges. The fact that the bill received bipartisan support only highlights the disconnect between Washington elites and the American people.

Instead of focusing on nation-building abroad, our leaders should be investing in infrastructure, healthcare, and education to improve the lives of ordinary Americans. It is time to put America first and stop wasting taxpayer dollars on foreign adventures that do nothing to benefit our country.