Opinion: Governor DeSantis Strengthens Florida’s Education Standards on the Evils of Communism

By DevEvil News | Created at 2024-04-18 01:11:45 | Updated at 2024-06-17 01:49:05 1 month ago


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Written by Sadra A. & Lisa Jackson

Florida school children as young as kindergarteners will soon be taught about the history of communism. Governor Ron DeSantis has signed SB 1264 into law to fortify Florida's education system against the encroaching threat of Communist ideology. This legislation signifies a decisive step towards safeguarding the minds of Florida's youth from the pernicious influence of Communism. This legislation, signed on the solemn occasion of the 63rd anniversary of the Bay of Pigs invasion.

Under the provisions of SB 1264, Florida's education standards will be enhanced to include "age-appropriate and developmentally appropriate" instruction on the history of Communism within the United States, as well as the insidious tactics employed by Communist movements. This crucial addition ensures that students gain a nuanced understanding of the grave dangers posed by Communist ideology, arming them with knowledge to combat its allure and deception.

Florida students will now have the opportunity to learn about communism in high school social studies courses or seventh-grade civics and government courses. Additionally, a government class that is required for graduation in high school includes 45 minutes of instruction on “Victims of Communism Day”. This lesson covers the history of communist regimes.

The bill passed with bipartisan support, with only seven Democrats in the Florida House and Senate voting against it. State Rep. Anna Eskamani of Orlando, one of those Democrats, said she doubted the measure would be properly carried out.

Furthermore, SB 1264 authorizes the establishment of the Institute for Freedom in the Americas at Miami Dade College, meant "to preserve the ideals of a free society and promote democracy in the Americas.". This institute, in collaboration with esteemed academic institutions such as the Adam Smith Center for Economic Freedom at Florida International University, will serve as a bastion of liberty in the face of Communist tyranny.

The legislation mandates the creation of a Florida-based museum on the history of Communism, providing a tangible resource for students and citizens alike to deepen their understanding of this pervasive threat to liberty and democracy. The legislation also requires the Department of State, in collaboration with the Department of Education, to provide a recommendation to the Legislature by December on the creation of a history of communism museum.

Critics may attempt to undermine this crucial initiative, questioning the appropriateness of teaching such complex topics to young students. However, Governor DeSantis and supporters of SB 1264 remain resolute in their commitment to educating the next generation about the dangers of Communism from an early age.

In attendance at the bill signing ceremony were esteemed veterans of the Bay of Pigs invasion, underscoring the significance of this legislation in the ongoing struggle against Communist tyranny. These heroes, who valiantly fought to defend freedom against the forces of oppression, serve as a poignant reminder of the stakes involved in confronting Communism.

We are in full support of Governor Ron DeSantis's courageous stance against the insidious ideology of Communism. SB 1264 represents a crucial defense mechanism in the battle to preserve the values of liberty and democracy in our great state of Florida.

Communism has a long history of oppression, suffering, and failure, yet it still manages to attract people, especially young minds who are easily influenced. By introducing age-appropriate education on the evils of Communism, Governor DeSantis is ensuring that our children are equipped with the knowledge to recognize and reject this dangerous ideology.

Critics may argue against the inclusion of Communist history in school curricula, citing concerns about age-appropriateness or indoctrination. However, we firmly believe that ignorance is the greatest breeding ground for tyranny. By shedding light on the atrocities committed under Communist regimes, we empower our children to make informed decisions and safeguard their future freedoms.

Furthermore, the establishment of the Institute for Freedom in the Americas and the proposed museum on the history of Communism are critical steps in reinforcing the values of liberty and democracy. These institutions will serve as vital educational tools, reminding future generations of the importance of vigilance against threats to our way of life.

The reluctance of certain Democrats to support this bill exposes their true agenda. By opposing measures to educate our youth about the dangers of Communism, they reveal themselves as nothing more than a Communist and leftist party masquerading under the guise of democracy. 

By honoring the veterans of the Bay of Pigs invasion, Governor DeSantis sends a powerful message: the fight against Communism is not just a thing of the past, but an ongoing battle for the soul of our nation. These brave men and women risked everything to defend freedom, and it is our duty to honor their sacrifice by ensuring that the horrors they faced are never forgotten.

PS, Justin Trudeau is not going to like this one!

In summary, Governor DeSantis signed SB 1264, which does the following:

  • Adds to existing Communist history standards with instruction on the history of Communism in the United States and the tactics of Communist movements.
  • Authorizes the newly-established Institute for Freedom in the Americas at Miami Dade College to promote the importance of economic and individual freedoms as a means to advance human progress—specifically in Latin America and the Caribbean.
    • This institute will partner with the Adam Smith Center for Economic Freedom at Florida International University.
  • Enables the Florida Department of State, in collaboration with the Florida Department of Education, to recommend to the Legislature the creation of a Florida-based museum on the history of Communism.
  • Prepares students to withstand indoctrination on Communism at colleges and universities.