Opinion: How Some Black People and Their Allies Manipulate Facts and Rewrite History

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Written by Sadra A. & Lisa Jackson

In recent years, a disturbing trend has emerged where some of the black people, supported by radical elements within the LGBTQ+ community, leftists, and liberals, have sought to rewrite history and manipulate facts to suit their agenda. Let's delve into how they are perpetuating this narrative and some of the tactics they employ to deceive the masses.

1. Controlling the Media:

One of the most insidious tactics employed by black people is the manipulation and control of media narratives. They distort facts, fabricate crimes, and portray themselves as perpetual victims to garner sympathy and support. This strategy preys on the emotions of the uninformed and easily swayed, primarily leftist, woke, and liberal individuals who prioritize feelings over facts.

Source: Free Beacon

Crime Statistics:

Despite their claims of oppression by "white supremacists" and "racist police," crime statistics paint a different picture. According to the FBI's 2019 Uniform Crime Report, African-Americans accounted for a disproportionate amount of homicide offenders and victims. These statistics reveal uncomfortable truths about the prevalence of violence within certain communities, challenging the narrative of systemic oppression.

  • African-Americans accounted for 55.9% of all homicide offenders in 2019.
  • Per-capita offending rate for African-Americans was approximately eight times higher than that of whites.
  • 91% of black or African-American victims were killed by individuals from the same racial group.

Assault and Gun Violence:

Furthermore, data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) highlights the overrepresentation of black and Hispanic individuals in non-fatal assault injuries and firearm-related incidents. Despite constituting a smaller portion of the population, these groups disproportionately contribute to violent crime statistics.

  • Black and Hispanic victims account for the vast majority of non-fatal firearm injuries.
  • African-American youths accounted for a significant portion of juvenile violent crime arrests, including homicide and robbery.

Gang Membership:

The National Gang Center's surveys reveal the racial composition of gang membership, with Hispanics and African-Americans comprising a significant portion. This data underscores the prevalence of gang-related criminal activity within certain demographic groups.

School Shootings in 2023:

  • 35 black school shooters. 
  • 4 Hispanic school shooters. 
  • 4 white school shooters. 
  • 1 Asian school shooter.

2. Rewriting History and Blackwashing Entertainment Industry:

In their quest to assert dominance and victimhood, black activists have attempted to rewrite history to fit their narrative. This includes misrepresenting historical figures and events, as exemplified by controversies surrounding cinematic portrayals like:

Netflix's "Queen Cleopatra":

The depiction of Cleopatra as a black woman in Netflix's "Queen Cleopatra" sparked outrage and accusations of historical revisionism. Egyptian critics and independent filmmakers condemned this portrayal, highlighting the multicultural nature of ancient Egypt and rejecting biased interpretations.

Al Wathaeqya, the Egyptian state-backed Documentary Channel, announced plans to produce a documentary with the government-owned broadcaster, United Media Services — an apparent response to what some Egyptian critics called “historical revisionism” in “Queen Cleopatra” by Netflix and others.

“Starting as usual in all documentary production sector and documentary channel work, there are working sessions currently being held with a number of specialists in history, archaeology, and anthropology; to subject research related to the subject of the film and its image to the highest levels of research and scrutiny,” the channel said, according to a translation of its Facebook post.

Independent filmmaker and Egyptologist Curtis Ryan Woodside also posted documentary about Cleopatra VII on his YouTube channel, rejecting “biased” opinions and “misinformed,” modern and American iterations of the queen. The film discusses Egypt’s multi-racial society and features commentary from Kathleen Martinez, a Dominican archaeologist “in search of Cleopatra,” and Zahi Hawass, Egypt’s former minister of state for antiquities affairs who has vehemently opposed Netflix’s portrayal of the ancient ruler.

Hawass also reiterated in the interview that the only Egyptian rulers known to have been Black were the Kushite kings of the 25th dynasty (747-656 BC), and he pushed back against Black Americans who have claimed that the Egyptian civilization has Black origins and are “obsessed” with the colonization of Egypt throughout its history. 

Netflix's "Vikings: Valhalla":

The decision to cast a black actor in the role of a Scandinavian ruler sparked outrage and accusations of historical revisionism. Viewers expressed frustration with the blatant disregard for historical accuracy and cultural authenticity, highlighting the absurdity of rewriting established narratives to fit modern agendas.

100%. Vikings: Valhalla is making an absolute mockery of my heritage. This is equivalent to casting Taylor Swift as Suni Ali Ber(powerful west African king/male in ancient Africa) and, to add piss to the shit sandwich, have her try to speak with an African accent. I’m shocked it hasn’t been removed. The story being told isn’t some mythical tale; these people existed. My people. Is there a petition going around somewhere to have it removed?? Anybody know how to start one?  Jake Stephens on Quora

Yes, it’s not only offensive, it’s ridiculous, but then the whole series is, Vikings who call themselves Vikings…madness. But what’s the worst, if it was the other way around, all hell would breake lose. VonderLippe on Quora

This is offensive to me! And I'm south asian. This blackwashing needs to stop. We minorities have our own stories to tell. We don't need to encroach on another culture's history. I really wish we banded together and began making movies that tell our stories from our perspective. They might not make much money but at least they'd be ours. Butchering history for the sake of diversity points is not the answer. Ray Noor on Quora

As a Black man, I think that the ones making these casting and writing decisions are all fools. I (and I’m sure most audiences) would rather enjoy a historical production with ethnic accuracy than one littered with gratuitous tokenism! Wokeness will defile the legacy of the magnificent predecessor to this new series, a predecessor that was made without the pollution of virtue signaling tokenism. Shame. Andrew Kelley on Quora

PS, Our thoughts: What are our thoughts on blackwashing in movies?

They are basically making black people look more desperate than they are for their representation in Hollywood. They are basically blackwashing the character's original race as black like in these movies:

a movie about Anne BoylenYour new Juliet

Why not create movies that celebrate the incredible contributions of notable Black individuals throughout history like Mansa Musa, rather than perpetuating the trend of blackwashing movies?

* Mansa Musa was the ninth Mansa of the Mali Empire, which reached its territorial peak during his reign. Musa's reign is often regarded as the zenith of Mali's power and prestige.

While advocating for increased Black representation in Hollywood, some people within the Black community choose to focus on portraying characters originally conceived as another race as Black, rather than directing efforts towards producing movies that highlight the rich diversity and stories within their own racial community.

3. Selective Reporting and Censorship:

Some Black people and their allies(leftists and woke media) manipulate information to fit their agenda, often resorting to selective reporting and censorship to control the narrative.

Spot the difference

Spot the difference

And, let's get one thing straight, George Floyd was a rapist, also a drug addict. He had a long criminal record, He was arrested for a forgery in progress involving a counterfeit 20 dollar bill. Also, he committed a home invasion and threatened to kill a pregnant woman during the home invasion. he doesn't deserve to be immortalized as he is but what the officer did was terrible. I'm not undermining that.

4. Police Reports and Visual Representation:

Instances of altering suspects' skin color in police reports to downplay their race, along with biased media coverage, perpetuate misconceptions and fuel racial tensions. This selective reporting distorts reality and undermines public trust in law enforcement and media institutions.

Children raised by a single parent: 

  • Black children: 64%
  • Hispanic children: 42%
  • White children: 24%
  • Asian children: 16%

Source: Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention

Incarceration Rates among Men

  • White men ages 18 or older: 1 in 106
  • All men ages 18 or older: 1 in 54
  • Hispanic men ages 18 or older: 1 in 36
  • Black men ages 18 or older: 1 in 15
  • Black men ages 20–34: 1 in 9

Incarceration Rates among Women

  • White women ages 35–39: 1 in 355
  • Hispanic women ages 35–39: 1 in 297
  • All women ages 35–39: 1 in 265
  • Black women ages 35–39: 1 in 100

Source: National Institute of Justice

 Top income by race: 

  • Asian
  • White
  • Hispanic
  • Black

Source: United States Census Bureau

In conclusion, the manipulation of facts and rewriting of history represent a dangerous trend that threatens to undermine societal cohesion and perpetuate division. By controlling the media, rewriting history, and selectively reporting information, some of these people seek to advance their agenda at the expense of truth and reconciliation.