Six Nations considers 'Super Saturday' schedule change

By BBC (Sports) | Created at 2024-07-10 11:59:52 | Updated at 2024-07-21 20:38:57 1 week ago


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Six Nations bosses are considering a radical scheduling change which would have a "Super Saturday" take place every weekend of the men's Championship.

As it stands, two games each round take place on a Saturday with one match on a Sunday or, occasionally, a Friday night.

The only time all three matches take place on a Saturday is for the final round of the tournament.

However, it's understood talks are under way to scrap Sunday matches and have every game staggered through a Saturday.

Administrators feel a move to have more matches on Saturdays would be welcomed by both broadcasters and fans.

In the 2024 Championship, the seven most-watched games all took place on a Saturday, followed by the Friday night opener between France and Ireland in eighth.

The three matches with the lowest television audiences - Wales against France in Cardiff, Ireland at home to Italy and France hosting Italy - all took place on a Sunday.

Friday night games were introduced in 2009 with Wales hosting France in Cardiff, while the 2024 Championship kicked off on a Friday with France playing Ireland in Marseille.

France are scheduled to host Wales in the opening match of the 2025 tournament on Friday, 31 January (20:15 BST).

Only Wales and France have hosted on a Friday because of various logistical issues, while Sunday afternoon matches are largely unpopular with travelling supporters.

These conversations have so far only applied to the men's Championship, with the women’s tournament operating in a standalone window in March and April and with a different broadcast deal.

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