Today's Logistics Report: Dockworkers Send a Warning Sign; Tracing Timber's Dense Supply Chains

By The Wall Street Journal (World News) | Created at 2024-06-11 12:25:10 | Updated at 2024-06-17 00:10:03 5 days ago


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Activist Elliott Investment Management is seeking to overhaul Southwest Airlines’ leadership to boost its financial and stock performance. (WSJ)

Volvo is shifting its production of electric vehicles from China to Belgium as the European Union prepares tariffs on Chinese imports. (South China Morning Post)

Turkey is raising tariffs on automotive imports from China by 40%. (Bloomberg)

Washington is pressuring the electric-vehicles sector to build a new non-Chinese supply chain​ for graphite anodes, a crucial component in EV batteries. (Financial Times)

Mongolia is expanding its exploration for minerals critical to EV battery production. (Nikkei Asia)

Samsung Electronics filed a complaint with U.S. maritime regulators over 96,000 disputed charges imposed by container line HMM. (Journal of Commerce)

Costs to charter containerships have at least doubled since December. (Lloyd’s List)

A federal judge dismissed a proposed class-action suit accusing Amazon of failing to meet its promised delivery date for some orders. (Reuters)

U.K. grocery chain Tesco launched an online marketplace that includes goods from third-party suppliers. (Logistics Manager)

California regulators say sales of new zero-emission medium- and heavy-duty trucks in the state are two years ahead of schedule. (Commercial Carrier Journal)

British electric-truck manufacturer Tevva Motors entered the U.K. version of bankruptcy after failing to gain new funding. (Motor Transport)

All Nippon Airways pushed back its planned acquisition of Nippon Cargo Airlines for a fourth time. (Air Cargo News)

The maker of sriracha hot sauce is suspending production until after Labor Day because of a shortage of chile peppers. (Supply Chain Dive)

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