Tony Evans announces step back from ministry 'due to sin'

By The Jerusalem Post (World News) | Created at 2024-06-11 13:45:19 | Updated at 2024-06-17 00:22:23 5 days ago


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Evans has also led several tours to Israel, inviting believers to experience the Holy Land firsthand.


Renowned pastor and author Dr. Tony Evans has announced his decision to step back from certain ministry responsibilities, marking a significant shift in the leadership of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship and The Urban Alternative.This transition aims to foster new leadership while allowing Evans to focus on his broader mission and personal well-being.The Christian Post quoted from Evan's announced on Sunday: "A number of years ago, I fell short of that standard. I am, therefore, required to apply the same biblical standard of repentance and restoration to myself that I have applied to others. I have shared this with my wife, my children, and our church elders, and they have lovingly placed their arms of grace around me," he added.

"While I have committed no crime, I did not use righteous judgment in my actions. In light of this, I am stepping away from my pastoral duties and am submitting to a healing and restoration process established by the elders."The elder board said in response to Evans' announcement: "Dr. Evans and the elders agree that when any elder or pastor falls short of the high standards of scripture, the elders are responsible for providing accountability and maintaining integrity in the church. "We serve a God that is merciful to forgive and gracious to restore. In the days ahead, Pastor Bobby Gibson and the elders will provide more information regarding interim leadership and the next steps for the future of our church."

US President George W. Bush listens to applause with Pastor Tony Evans at the dedication of the Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship's Youth Education Center, October 29, 2003 in Dallas, Texas. (credit: REUTERS)

Evans, a central figure in Christian ministry for over four decades, founded Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas in 1976. Under his leadership, the church has grown to over 10,000 members and expanded its outreach through The Urban Alternative, a national ministry dedicated to transforming lives through the application of biblical principles.

Intersection of faith and politics

In recent years, Evans has become increasingly vocal about the intersection of faith and politics. His latest book, "Kingdom Politics: Returning God to Government," addresses the divisiveness within the Christian community and emphasizes the importance of viewing government through a biblical lens. In a recent interview with CBN News, Evans highlighted the chaos and confusion he observed among Christians, urging a return to a faith-centered approach to political engagement.

According to the official announcement to the Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, despite stepping back from some of his pastoral duties, Evans remains committed to his ministry. He plans to continue preaching and writing, focusing on guiding the next generation of leaders within the fellowship and The Urban Alternative. This decision comes as part of a strategic plan to ensure the ongoing growth and impact of his ministries.

The announcement has been met with a mix of gratitude and sadness from the congregation and the broader Christian community. Many have expressed their appreciation for Evans' decades of service and his profound influence on their spiritual lives. 

Evans holds a significant place in his teachings for Israel and its relationship with the Christian church. According to his sermons, Evan's perspective on Israel is deeply rooted in biblical prophecy and the belief that God’s covenant with Israel remains intact despite historical events. Evans has frequently emphasized the importance of understanding Israel's role in God’s plans, arguing that the prophetic promises made to Israel in the Bible are unbreakable and continue to play a crucial role in the fulfillment of God’s kingdom agenda.

In his sermons and writings, Evans often draws parallels between the church and Israel, underscoring the spiritual connection and shared destiny between them. “When Israel rejected Jesus, did God ‘un-choose’ his chosen people? In this lesson, I explain why God’s prophetic plans can’t be derailed that easily,” Evans stated in his sermon "Israel and the Church" published on OnePlace.

Evans has also led several tours to Israel, inviting believers to experience the Holy Land firsthand. These tours are designed to deepen participants' understanding of biblical events and strengthen their faith by visiting significant sites such as the Garden of Gethsemane and the Sea of Galilee. “What could be more meaningful than studying God’s Word where it first unfolded? I invite you to join me in Israel for a transformative experience,” Evans encourages in promotional materials for these tours.

“Supporting Israel is a reflection of our commitment to God’s promises. As believers, we are called to stand with Israel,” Evans asserted in the past.

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