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Week in wildlife – in pictures: warthog drama, a fox at the museum and our rarest whale
The Guardian view on the Covid inquiry’s first report: poor preparation with tragic consequences | Editorial
The Covid inquiry report makes it clear: Britain was completely and fatally unprepared | Devi Sridhar
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How to solve a mass stranding: what caused 77 healthy whales to die on a Scottish beach?
Is there any point in taking multivitamins? – podcast
Largest, most intact stegosaurus fossil ever found sells for $44.6m
Signs of two gases in clouds of Venus could indicate life, scientists say
The Rutles’ Ron Nasty and the row over Rod and God | Brief letters
Psilocybin in magic mushrooms can influence brain for weeks, study finds
Auramaxxing: will this make you more sexually attractive — or just a bit tired?
Psychedelic drugs have great therapeutic benefit – if understood on their own terms | Ross Ellenhorn and Dimitri Mugianis
Forget the 5am starts! Night owls like me possess the real secret of success | Arwa Mahdawi
I may be in my 90s, but I'm not sure I want Hollywood to 'de-age' me like Tom Hanks | Sheila Hancock
Scientists inflict karaoke on young volunteers to find out what makes us blush
Craig Jordan obituary
Academic publishing is a lucrative scam – and we’re determined to change that | Arash Abizadeh
Scientists set sights on asteroid larger than Eiffel Tower as it skims past Earth
US startup claims lab-made, climate-friendly butter tastes ‘like real thing’
‘A diagnosis can sweep away guilt’: the delicate art of treating ADHD
Can the climate survive AI’s thirst for energy? – podcast
Beaker Street science photography prize – in pictures
Underground cave found on moon could be ideal base for explorers
Face your anger and let it out. It’s the only way to stay healthy
The horror of everything all the time! Wait a minute, here is a happy snail story! | First Dog on the Moon
Uncanny Me review – skin-deep exploration of cloning tech
Starwatch: International Space Station passes over London
Scientists make DNA discovery that could help find pancreatic cancer cure
How returning to competitive sport after 25 years taught me resilience – and the joy of new friends
‘Goldmine’ collection of wheat from 100 years ago may help feed the world, scientists say
How much would you pay, honestly, to get back with your ex? | Eva Wiseman
A mystery writer planned to retire. Now she’s leading a team of genetic detectives – and giving murder victims back their names
‘Amazing’ new technology set to transform the search for alien life
‘People say my book gave them a panic attack’: When We Cease to Understand the World author Benjamín Labatut
Climate crisis has impact on insects’ colours and sex lives, study finds
Nine Minds by Daniel Tammet review – a new language for neurodiversity
Scientists design spacesuit that can turn urine into drinking water
Mulleted mammoth called Chris Waddle helps scientists crack creatures’ genetic code
Scientists uncover genetic disorder that may affect thousands around world
A child’s-eye view of the universe: Curiosmos makes space simulation fun
‘Lesbian’ seagulls and ‘gay’ rams: the endless sexual diversity of nature – podcast
Night owls’ cognitive function ‘superior’ to early risers, study suggests
Fly Me to the Moon review – slinky Scarlett Johansson in cynical moon-landing conspiracy comedy
The ‘wood wide web’ theory charmed us all – but now it’s the subject of a bitter fight among scientists | Sophie Yeo
ZOE and personalised nutrition: does the evidence on glucose tracking add up? – podcast
Did you solve it? Simple puzzles almost everybody gets wrong
The big idea: why your brain needs other people
Can you solve it? Simple puzzles almost everybody gets wrong
Starwatch: moon will obscure brightest star in Virgo
Air pollution can decrease odds of live birth after IVF by 38%, study finds
Fertility drug could lead to 7% increase in live births after IVF, trials show
In tough times, we turn to those closest to us for support, but that support falters when they dismiss our feelings | Gaynor Parkin and Amanda Wallis
Readers reply: If you have a big tongue, do you have more taste buds?
Meteor flashes across night sky in northern Turkey – video
Biden, Putin, Xi, Modi: what is it that keeps old ideas, as well as old people, in power? | Kenan Malik
It’s no surprise a Newsweek writer panned Taylor Swift for being single and childless | Arwa Mahdawi
Akira Endo obituary
‘Frightening’ how easily women can get hold of testosterone, say doctors
Retiring from sport was the toughest challenge of my sporting career. Here’s how Andy Murray can do it right | Catherine Spencer
Inheritance by Harvey Whitehouse review – the power of unity
Weatherwatch: how do buildings affect the wind?
‘Spermageddon’: is male fertility really in crisis? – podcast
‘The teachers would refer to boys, girls – and you’: trans philosopher Paul B Preciado on reinventing Orlando
Weight-loss jabs may be linked to condition that can cause blindness, study finds
All the rage: women are furious – and repressing it can ruin our lives
FDA approves second Alzheimer’s drug that can slow onset of disease
Ants can carry out life-saving amputations on injured nest mates, study shows
The fossil finder: one man’s lifelong search for fragments of Britain’s Jurassic past – photo essay
‘Not just for fuddy-duddies’: interest in moths booming as species struggle
Caroline Lucas on politics, science and 14 years as the only Green MP - podcast
Healthy childhood diet can ‘keep mind sharp into 70s’ and ward off dementia
Scientists ignored 'gay' animals for years. When will we get over our human hang-ups about the natural world? | Elle Hunt
Chinese space rocket crashes into hillside after accidental launch – video
Earth is dying you say? Whatever. Let's build a Mars rocket! | First Dog on the Moon
Starwatch: a 2,600-year wait to see T Coronae Borealis explosion
Scientists find desert moss ‘that can survive on Mars’
If you have a big tongue, do you have more taste buds?
How a solo retreat helped trelight my creative fire
Fifty years on, how Lucy, the mother of humanity, changed our understanding of evolution
Coming of Age: How Adolescence Shapes Us by Lucy Foulkes review – deep dive into the teenage mind
Great science, uncomfortable history: Sir Gustav Nossal and the long tail of eugenics
Closing the Stanford Internet Observatory will edge the US towards the end of democracy | John Naughton
Perimenopause finally gets more attention – because there’s something in it for men | Arwa Mahdawi
‘Clearly, I have no rizz’: can a 60-year-old misanthrope polish up his pulling power?
Keir Starmer’s most personal interview yet, the woman who gave birth to her granddaughter, and why do we have the dreams we do?– podcast
A game of few laughs? Sports psychologist says joy is England’s missing ingredient
Week in wildlife – in pictures: geese on parade, a radioactive rhino and a lovestruck eagle
Poorer teen mental ability may almost treble risk of stroke before 50
Freak event probably killed last woolly mammoths, scientists say
The surprising psychology behind extremism, and how politics is driving it – podcast
Deep mantle movements help explain Earth’s mysterious bulges
Anxious about money? Five financial therapists share their advice
Newly identified tipping point for ice sheets could mean greater sea level rise
Eternal You review – death, download and digital afterlife in the age of the AI griefbot
China lunar probe returns from moon carrying first ever soil samples from its far side – video
The infection that affects half of women and its link to antibiotic resistance – podcast
Loneliness can increase stroke risk by up to 56%, finds research
Did you solve it? Try this triple Tetris teaser
Slow-release ketamine tablets help prevent depression relapses, UK trial finds
UK boy has brain implant fitted to control epilepsy seizures in world first