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These Foolish Things: A Memoir by Dylan Jones review – stars in his eyes
The Safekeep by Yael van der Wouden review – secrets and sex in postwar Europe
God’s Ghostwriters by Candida Moss review – did enslaved scribes write the New Testament?
Bad Habit by Alana S Portero review – in search of acceptance
The Cursed Friend by Beatrice Salvioni review – rebels with a cause
The Friday Afternoon Club by Griffin Dunne review – a Hollywood insider with an outsider’s eye
Sulaiman Addonia: ‘I’m taking writing back to the rock’n’roll era!’
Lit Hub Weekly: June 10 – 14, 2024
‘I believed I was one of the cool kids’: Ingrid Persaud on her journey from legal academic to artist to novelist
I’m an expert on adolescence: here’s why a smartphone ban isn’t the answer, and what we should do instead
The Architecture of Modern Empire by Arundhati Roy review – two decades of fire
‘Don’t read just one book about Sri Lanka’: VV Ganeshananthan on her civil war novel
What to read next based on your favorite Tony nominee.
Excerpts from The Believer: Take the W: Bodies
Naomi Klein: ‘Nobody’s perfect – but that’s not an excuse for doing nothing’
The Ghost of Hamlet’s Father Tries to Have “The Talk” with Hamlet
Why Polidori’s The Vampyre was falsely attributed to Lord Byron.
Creative ways to show off your prestige galley.
The Measure of Intensities: On Luc Tuymans
The 2024 Young Lions Fiction Award goes to E.J. Koh.
The Refaat Mobile Library is raising funds for Gaza.
Trolley Problem Variations for Dads
Prima Facie by Suzie Miller review – Jodie Comer narrates with charisma and firepower
The best recent crime and thrillers – review roundup
Lit Hub Daily: June 14, 2024
Caroline Lucas: ‘Rory Stewart finds Westminster as dysfunctional as I do’
In Praise of the Domestic Sensualist: Laurie Colwin at 80
Let Them Be Morally Flawed: In Defense of Queer Villains in Stories
I Want to Call Out My Friend For Using AI in Her Newsletter: Am I the Literary Asshole?
The Art of Hanging Out: On the Golden Age of the Celebrity Profile
A Book Club of Two: The Time I Started a James Joyce Reading Group in College
What Should You Read Next? Here Are the Best Reviewed Books of the Week
What a Young John Muir Learned In the Wisconsin Wilderness
How Beyoncé’s “Formation” Embodies the Ethos of Black Womanhood
Byron and Borgia: A Meditation on an Impossible Encounter
Hungry for What by María Bastarós review – darkly compelling tales from Spain
Here are the winners of the 2024 Women’s Prizes.
VV Ganeshananthan and Naomi Klein win Women’s prizes for fiction and nonfiction
Dad Jokes Ruined by Gentle Parenting
Have you ever wondered what W. B. Yeats looked like as a baby?
I think I’ve been demonically possessed by this Bible App ad.
The People Who Fight at Dinner Parties
An OSHA Workplace Safety Checklist as Designed by Me, a Child Asked to Hold the Flashlight for My Father
Five of the best fashion memoirs
Lit Hub Daily: June 13, 2024
Systemic by Layal Liverpool review – the price of prejudice
The Worst Dads in All of Literature: An Incomplete List
How to Win The New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest
“Historical Fanfiction.” The Deceptive, Dangerous Simplicity of Originalism in American Politics
5 Book Reviews You Need to Read This Week
Escaping the Censors’ Gaze: Lai Wen on Sci-Fi and the Need for Chinese Protest Literature Today
Camille Bordas on What Stand-Up Comedy Can Teach Writing Workshops About Growing Thicker Skin
Cecilia by K-Ming Chang review – teenage kicks
The Friday Afternoon Club by Griffin Dunne review – Hollywood tales
An Open Letter to Martha-Ann Alito About Her New Pride Flag
Those That Are Fools: At Clownchella
Been There, Smelled That: The Bad Scents
Things to do in a Hotel Room After Your Child Falls Asleep at 7:30 p.m.
‘He queered the hell out of it’: the man behind Shakespeare’s same-sex love sonnets
That’s the Grind, Baby, There Ain’t Nothing Like It
Pokémon Is All About Reading
A Recap of the First Season of House of the Dragon in One Scene
You’ve Read Your Last Free Article, Such Is the Nature of Mortality
Short Conversations with Poets: Madeleine Cravens
At This Rate, I’ll Never Be Able to Start a Second Family
The big idea: why we need to put death on the curriculum
A Little Art Education by Lynn Barber review – pocket portraits that are a breath of fresh air
Great Britain?: How We Get Our Future Back by Torsten Bell review – a roadmap to the new normal
Hamas: The Quest for Power review – the men behind the masks
Not That I’m Bitter by Helen Lederer review – funny lessons from the comedy fringe
Going Home by Tom Lamont review – a debut with charm to burn
Only Here, Only Now by Tom Newlands review – visceral coming-of-age tale
Hip-Hop Is History by Questlove review – a soundtrack for the world, from the Sugarhill Gang to Kanye West
Lorrie Moore: ‘I identify with Beth in Little Women, who dies’
Palestinian author Raja Shehadeh: ‘All this solidarity from the world – yet nothing has changed’
Broken Threads by Mishal Husain review – a spectacular family chronicle of partition
Do You Have What It Takes to Take a Summer Friday?
Excerpts from The Believer: Take the W: Business Moves
Interrupted, Again
A Brief History of Time Travel
The best recent science fiction, fantasy and horror – reviews roundup
Emma Donoghue: ‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull blew my tiny mind’
The In-Between by Christos Tsiolkas review – the power of love
Chasing It Down the Elevator Shaft to the Subconscious: Or, Getting Hypnotized
I Was the Wedding Planner for the Guns N’ Roses “November Rain” Ceremony and Reception
Undisputed: Fury vs. Usyk
Reviews of New Food: 7-Eleven French Toast Sandwich with Sausage, Egg, Cheese and Chipotle-Bacon Mayonnaise Dressing
An Open Letter to the University Hiring Committee
Cinema Love by Jiaming Tang review – a debut with real heart
We Are the Spiders of This House
I Cannot
Letters to Moms: Letter to the Virgin Mary
User Guide to the Relative Making You Do Tech Support
Going Home by Tom Lamont review – vibrant debut of fathers and sons
This month’s best paperbacks: Zadie Smith, Matthew Perry and more
The Captive Imagination by Elias Dakwar review – a window into addiction
Parade by Rachel Cusk review – cold visions of chaos
A Day in the Life of “Mister” Anthony Fauci, as Imagined by Marjorie Taylor Greene
Top Three Rivers