Voice of America (Europe)

In a first since Cold War, Russia convicts American journalist in ‘sham' trial
Paris police seal off Seine River ahead of Olympics
Leader of Belarus marks 30 years in power after crushing dissent
France's divided National Assembly keeps centrist speaker 
Threat to Europe, US will not end with Ukraine, officials warn
France's newly elected lawmakers begin choosing speaker amid political turmoil
Trump's VP pick Vance is pro-Israel, anti-China and creating anxiety in Europe
Netherlands marks 10th anniversary of downing of MH17 airliner
UK's new government announces legislation for 'national renewal' as Parliament opens with royal pomp 
UK union fails to win recognition at Amazon site after losing ballot, Amazon says
Paris mayor takes pre-Olympics dip to prove Seine clean
Russia's 'window to the west' turns to tourists from the East
European experts expect economic measures, military personnel changes from China's Third Plenary Session
Japan-Germany security cooperation troubles North Korea, China
Spain confirms body found is missing UK teen's
French PM poised to take caretaker role in deadlocked France       
Russian court orders general under house arrest on fraud charges 
Russian missile destroys school in Ukraine’s largest children’s hospital
Top EU leaders snub Hungary meetings after Orban's outreach to Russia, China
Ukraine needs 25 Patriot air defense systems and more F-16 jets, Zelenskyy says
UN alarmed as childhood immunization levels stall
A decade afterMH17 crash, victim's father waits for Russia to say sorry
Treason, espionage cases rise in Russia since start of Ukraine war
Spain beats England 2-1 to win record 4th European Soccer Championship title
China, Russia start joint naval drills 
Carlos Alcaraz tops Novak Djokovic in a second consecutive Wimbledon final for a fourth Slam title 
France celebrates national day as political crisis rumbles on 
Israel's Holocaust memorial opens a facility to store artifacts, photos and more
Syria-Turkey rapprochement: Here's what it might mean for the region
Missing Polish coal miner found alive more than two days after quake
6 injured while running with bulls in Spain
Krejcikova of Czech Republic wins Wimbledon for second Grand Slam title
Spain, England to contest Euro 2024 final in former Nazi stadium
Russian oil depot burns as Russia, Ukraine exchange drone attacks
Moscow condemns Australia 'paranoia' for espionage arrests of Russia-born couple
North Korea denounces NATO summit declaration
South Korea looks to NATO in face of North Korea-Russia military threat 
China signals defiance to NATO with military drills in Belarus
Ukrainian displaced persons open businesses after relocation
EU: X's blue checks are deceptive 'dark patterns' that breach social media laws
Germany: We will not be intimidated after report on alleged Russian assassination plot
Australia accuses Russian-born couple of espionage
China says it’s conducting joint military drills with Russia
Australia charges Russian-born married couple with espionage
Searing heat in parts of southern, central Europe prompts alerts
West preparing for arms race with Russia and its backers
India, Russia see deeper relationship
TV footage shows French cathedral's spire now clear of smoke
EU accepts Apple plan to open iPhone tap-to-pay to rivals
Russia’s missile attack leaves scores of Kyiv residents homeless
Poland must prepare army for full-scale conflict, army chief says 
Vatican will prepare document on role of women in Catholic Church leadership
French left, centrists, tussle to form government
Europe's Ariane 6 rocket successfully launches for first time
Hundreds of Ukrainian children evacuated from hospital hit by Russian missile
In Moscow, India's Modi calls for peace, decries 'heart-wrenching' death of children
Ukrainian boxer sacrificed Olympic dreams and life to fight against Russia
French parties scramble for influence after inconclusive vote