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US VP leaves Zelensky’s ‘peace conference’ early
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Trump vows to end ‘gender insanity’ in schools
Record number of Americans dislike both Biden and Trump – poll
Ankara sees ‘glimpse of hope’ in Ukraine peace efforts
Macron makes demand on Ukrainian peace
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IDF suffers one of its deadliest days in Gaza
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Russian flags displayed at Euro 2024 football match
Pope warns of AI dangers
Jeffrey Sachs blames US ‘irresponsibility’ for Ukraine crisis
UK delays new army cap badges over China spying fears – FT
Pentagon ran secret anti-vaccine propaganda campaign – Reuters
Putin’s peace offer ‘not serious’ – Scholz
EU members disagree on new sanctions against Russia – Reuters
US Supreme Court overturns gun control rule
‘We must go after everything Russian’ – UK’s Cameron
G7 demands $486 billion payback from Russia
Biden’s Gaza ceasefire push is a road to fatal escalation
NATO stumbles on €40 billion Ukraine plan
Governor of New York proposes face-mask ban to combat anti-Semitism
World sobering up on Ukraine conflict – Moscow
Hungary threatens EU over ‘insane’ migrant fine – media
Ukraine to buy US gas for first time
NATO to establish ‘large bases’ close to Ukraine – Orban
Apple sued by female workers
Biden lashes out at journalist over Gaza question
Russian troops never intended to capture Kiev – Putin
Macron’s approval rating plummets – poll
Biden tells weapons buyers to wait until Kiev gets its share
How the US government uses NGOs to corrupt ‘civil society’ around the world
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Kiev, West reportedly clash over F-16 training
US to supply ‘squadrons’ of fighter jets to Ukraine – Zelensky
Joe Biden vows not to pardon Hunter
Biden and Zelensky sign security pact
No Patriots for Ukraine – Poland
US sends submarine to Cuba after Russian ships arrive
NATO top-job favorite says dialogue needed with Russia
This US senator betrayed America’s worst kept secret about Ukraine
Blinken responds to Hamas ceasefire amendments
EU fines member state €200 million for refusing to accept migrants
Saudi Crown Prince snubs G7 summit 
Use of F-16s on Russian territory ‘not escalation’ – NATO chief
German town votes to cull pigeons
US using Ukraine conflict as pretext to impose sanctions – China
King Charles portrait vandalized
Timofey Bordachev: Why is the EU copying communist Albania?
Musk wants Ukrainian NGO designated as terrorist group
Germany stalling new EU sanctions on Russia – media
US and Poland set up center to fight ‘Russian disinformation’ 
G7 to approve $50bn in Ukraine aid despite disputes – media
Russia promises ‘decisive response’ to ‘confrontational’ US moves
Ukraine must ‘prevail’ to join NATO – Stoltenberg
EU agrees to give Ukraine $1.6 billion in proceeds from Russia’s frozen assets
‘Sieg Heil’ chant at Munich beer hall draws police attention
German MPs snub Zelensky
White House denounces anti-Israel protest
Arming Ukrainian neo-Nazis a sign of US desperation – ex-Pentagon official
US expands sanctions against Russia
Both Israel and Hamas committed war crimes – UN
Moon-station deal with China backed by Putin
Israel, Hamas disagree on US-backed ceasefire – media
Delivery of jets to Kiev was ‘illegal’ – NATO member
Russian ally to become ‘strategic partner’ of US
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200 cities invited to BRICS forum – Moscow
‘We are so proud’: Bidens react to Hunter verdict
Macron denies resignation rumors
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US president’s son convicted
Russia reveals number of prevented terror attacks
French unions call for mass protests against ‘far right’ (VIDEO)
Israeli police release VIDEO of hostage rescue
North Korea installing loudspeakers on border – Seoul
Musk threatens to ban staff from using iPhones
Dior contractors suspected of exploiting Chinese workers – media