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BIS reveals almost every major central bank is interested in wholesale CBDCs
SEC commissioner Uyeda acknowledges benefits of securities tokenization
Meta pauses European AI assistant launch due to regulatory objections
NYAG completes settlement with Gemini over Earn program, recovers remaining $50 million for impacted users
Bernstein raises long-term Bitcoin price projection to $1 million by 2033, initiates MicroStrategy coverage
Web3 Foundation launches $65 million prize pool for Polkadot JAM upgrade
Calls dominate Bitcoin options despite price drop and ETF outflows
MicroStrategy ups convertible note offering to $700M
NiceHash and Marathon partner to launch new firmware for miners
Nigeria drops tax evasion charges against Binance execs
Holograph hack leads to $7M loss, HLG token dives 80%
Bitcoin ETFs see sharp $226.2M outflow amid ETH ETF news
Ripple calls SEC penalty disproportionate compared to Terraform Labs
Michael Saylor’s 21 Rules for Bitcoin calls Bitcoin ‘Chaos’ and an ‘economic virus’
Coinbase derides SEC’s $2.6 billion budget request; American Securities Association calls for lower amount
EBA publishes new guidelines for ‘token issuers’ as part of upcoming MiCA regulation
Tesla investors sue Elon Musk for allegedly moving talent, resources to xAI
Congressman Massie says support for legislation to abolish Federal Reserve has grown 10x
CFTC Chair Rostin Behnam tells Senate agency can handle greater crypto responsibilities
Gensler confirms spot Ethereum ETFs will be approved ‘this summer’ during Senate hearing
Bitfarms to boost US presence with Pennsylvania expansion amid Riot takeover bid
Privado ID spins off from Polygon Labs to target $101B digital identity market
Access Protocol launches $25,000 quest with Superboard to introduce transferable subscriptions
Bitcoin ETFs rebound with $100.8M in inflows
MicroStrategy issues $500M in convertible notes to buy more Bitcoin
Texas wants to use bitcoin miners for grid stability as power demand soars
Curve founder hit with $27M liquidation as CRV drops to historic low
Paxos cuts 20% of workforce amid strong financials due to ‘de-prioritizing adjacencies’
Biden administration in talks to accept crypto donations as it becomes increasingly important voter issue
Terra community to own chain after TFL wind-down; Coinbase exec slams SEC settlement
Bubblemaps alleges insider trading in memecoins promoted by Andrew Tate, Iggy Azalea
US court issues final judgement against Terraform Labs, Do Kwon, imposes $4.5 billion in fines
Coinbase raises concerns over declining crypto talent in US despite uptick in corporate interest
Tether to reveal new product line as part of $1 billion investment strategy
Zimbabwe launches study to map and regulate crypto industry
Bitcoin’s liquid supply decreasing while illiquid confidence grows
B2Broker Shakes Up the Market with a Next-Gen Copy Trading Platform
Polkadot parachain Moonbeam launches a $13M Web3 gaming fund
Bitcoin surges above $69k after better-than-expected US CPI
Ripple CEO unveils name of upcoming stablecoin RLUSD
Bitcoin ETF outflows hit $200 million ahead of FOMC meeting
Trump vows to make US a Bitcoin mining powerhouse if re-elected
Elon Musk drops lawsuit against OpenAI
ProShares files S-1 for spot Ethereum ETF, expands on BNY Mellon and Coinbase roles
Cboe exec says Solana ETFs unlikely without futures market or regulatory clarity
B2BinPay v20 Release: Improved Functionality with TRX Staking and Expanded Blockchain Support
Billionaire investor Bill Miller believes Bitcoin is ‘significantly undervalued’ at current market cap, SingularityNET, and Ocean Protocol token merger delayed to July 15
European law authorities raise concerns over privacy coins, Layer-2 networks and crypto mixers
Bitcoin futures show notable growth in cash-margined contracts
Polygon unveils 1 billion POL token program to boost developer engagement
TRON DAO Announces HackaTRON Season 6 Qualifiers
DeFi Technologies to stake $100 million in BTC on Core Chain
BloFin Exchange Enhances Compliance and Security with Chainalysis
Ripple acquires NYDFS-regulated custodian Standard Custody
SubQuery launches first decentralized RPCs for Polkadot and Kusama
New probe sought into Sullivan&Cromwell’s role in FTX collapse
Bitcoin briefly dips below $67k amid $200M in Binance-driven spot selling
Eight Bitcoin miners cross $1 billion market cap
Metaplanet becomes one of top 30 BTC holders with new $1.59M acquisition
19-trading day Bitcoin ETF inflow streak ends with $64.9 million outflow
Newcomer Base challenges Solana with rapid adoption
SEC accepts ProShares spot Ethereum ETF entry, approves Ark exit from 21 Shares ETF
Bitfarms adopts ‘poison pill’ shareholder rights plan amid hostile takeover attempts
World’s largest bank ICBC praises the evolution of Bitcoin, Ethereum as innovative financial assets
Market dynamics show complex interplay between long-term stability and short-term speculation
Crypto on ‘slow and steady’ pace to mainstream adoption – Canaccord Genuity
Ethereum futures funding rate volatility mirrors significant price movements
Apple announces ‘AI for all’ with new Apple Intelligence, ChatGPT integration
Hacker drains $19.5 million from UwU Lend in price oracle exploit
DeFi Technologies shares spike 15% in a day after it adopts Bitcoin treasury strategy
Solana Foundation expels validators for sandwich attacks on retail users
Short-term holder realized price nears $64,000, signaling Bitcoin uptrend
Cardano’s ‘Age of Voltaire’ nears with major blockchain upgrade
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LRC falls to 4-month low as Loopring’s ‘most secured wallets’ hit with $5 million breach
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Decline in crypto-margined futures signals shift towards stable collateral
USDV wants to be native on more chains than any other stablecoin
Bitcoin accumulation addresses surge as market optimism returns
Exploring BlackRock’s BUIDL fund: Bridging traditional finance and DeFi
Bitcoin’s ‘hodled or lost coins’ metric falls to 7.7 million BTC
Miners continue reporting declines in Bitcoin production following halving
Bloomberg analyst calls for FOIA request into SEC’s Ethereum ETF decision
Bakkt shares slide as company explores sale or breakup options
Arthur Hayes predicts impending bull run for Bitcoin as G7 central banks start easing policy
Trump vows to end Biden-Gensler crusade against crypto after taking office
Russian official says international CBDC payments will be the norm within 5 years
Norwegian authorities help Sky Mavis recover $5.7M from Ronin bridge heist
AI used for crypto crimes on the rise, Elliptic warns
Bitcoin set for new all-time high next week but Ethereum holds it back – 10x Research
Bitcoin, crypto market falls as new jobs in US smash estimates, up 272,000 in May