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Parkour group damages historic Italian building in failed stunt
USDA suspends avocado inspections in Mexican state over security fears
Protesters and police clash in Jerusalem over holding early elections
In photos: Scenes from the extreme hot weather around the world
Key Democrats approve major arms sale to Israel, including F-15s
Biden to waive penalties for undocumented spouses of U.S. citizens
Extreme heat takes withering toll in teeming Philippine jails
Huge oil spill blackens Singapore’s picturesque beaches
Russia’s Putin to visit North Korea, amid growing military cooperation
Netanyahu dissolves war cabinet but plans to keep far right sidelined
In photos, video: Muslims around the world celebrate Eid al-Adha
Want to drive through Europe? Try this route from Amsterdam to Paris.
Hajj pilgrims die of heatstroke as Mecca temperatures hit 120 degrees
Paris tests Olympics readiness with Opening Ceremonies rehearsal on Seine
Away from war, Ukraine’s soccer stars ready for battle
China pursuing ‘significant’ expansion of nuclear arsenal, report says
Indian national accused of murder-for-hire plot arrives in New York
Gazans mark Eid al-Adha in the rubble; IDF announces ‘tactical pause’ for aid
Will India’s powerful Modi change his ways after the election setback?
Iraq militias target KFC, other U.S. businesses to protest Gaza war
Short on troops, Ukraine is freeing criminals to fight
French protesters decry far-right shift as snap election looms
Iran and Sweden announce prisoner swap involving convicted war criminal
India says novelist Arundhati Roy could be tried under antiterror law
‘Traumatized and exhausted’ Gazans prepare for a difficult Eid holiday
Panel says lawmakers colluded with foreign powers but won’t name names
King Charles and Princess Kate to attend Trooping the Colour birthday parade
With Rafah crossing closed by Israel, Gazans have no way out
Princess Kate says she’s ‘making good progress’ in update on cancer fight
U.S. Embassy employee charged with sexually abusing girls in Burkina Faso home
Tourists are missing on Greek islands in the heat. Here’s how to stay safe.
Putin demands Ukraine surrender four regions to stop war
U.N. calls for end to siege of Darfur city amid Sudan civil war
Biden to meet Italian prime minister, Pope Francis before leaving G-7
Gazans search for food and water as summer’s heat arrives
How Pope Francis became the AI ethicist for tech titans and world leaders
In the search for hostages, U.S. is Israel’s key intelligence partner
Philippines turns up heat over disputed waters but confronts formidable foe
Chinese #metoo journalist, activist jailed in crackdown on civil society
The small country in the middle of the world’s crises
DNA reveals surprise about the children ancient Mayans chose to sacrifice
Brawl breaks out in Italian parliament ahead of G-7 summit
Number of global displaced hits record high at 120 million, U.N. says
U.K.’s Keir Starmer tones down the socialism in ‘changed Labour Party’
Russia financial system shaken after U.S. imposes new sanctions
U.S. journalist Evan Gershkovich to be tried on espionage charges in Russia
Swifties set off earthquake sensors again. These songs made the biggest stir.
Path to cease-fire deal possible, U.S. says, as Israel targets Rafah anew
What to watch for as G-7 leaders meet in Italy
Italy’s Meloni, boosted by far-right election gains, hosts G-7 leaders
An account of Jesus as a boy is decoded from an ancient papyrus scrap
Biden, Zelensky to sign 10-year U.S.-Ukraine security deal at G-7 summit
What are Russian warships doing in the Caribbean?
Biden’s new measures to stem illegal border crossings draw legal challenge
U.S. will send Ukraine a second Patriot air defense battery
As rescued hostages return to changed lives, families push for cease-fire
‘Ram him’: How Ukraine is pushing U.S. combat gear to the extreme
As Europe faces war, Germany looks to restore national service
‘I am not quite myself,’ Danish Prime Minister says following attack
Macron defends decision to call elections, slams possible alliance on the right
A 28-year-old is the face of France’s far right: Who is Jordan Bardella?
First BTS member finishes military service, pledges hugs for 1,000 fans
Hezbollah sends rocket barrage into Israel after strike kills commander
Nigel Farage hopes this Brexit town will finally elect him to Parliament
Israel shrugs at Palestinian civilian casualties. So does Hamas.
Pope Francis allegedly repeats gay slur, opposes gay men in priesthood
A farm on the edge of Gaza
Global poll finds Biden more popular than Trump
Chiquita ordered to pay $38.3 million to victims of paramilitary group
Fire at famous Thai market kills hundreds of caged pets, officials say
Poll: Many Ukrainians see war as stalemate but most back fight vs. Russia
Hamas leader’s decision on cease-fire is what counts, says Blinken
Four American college educators attacked in park in China
On the Israel-Lebanon border, a war is unfolding in slow motion
Modi’s election setback surprises Indian Americans in the DMV
Search underway for missing plane carrying Malawi vice president
U.S. lifts weapons ban on Ukrainian military unit
Death toll from Israeli hostage rescue adds to legal scrutiny of Gaza war
U.N. Security Council adopts resolution on permanent Gaza cease-fire
Blinken ramps up pressure on Hamas amid doubts about cease-fire deal
5 key takeaways after far right surges in European Parliament elections
Blinken begins Mideast tour amid mounting political pressure on Netanyahu
Battered by far-right, France’s Macron bets big on risky snap election
In Putin’s wartime Russia, military corruption is suddenly taboo
Moderates quit Netanyahu’s emergency government, call for elections
Inside Israel’s hostage rescue: Secret plans and a deadly ‘wall of fire’
A right-wing Europe is here to stay
European Parliament elections: Far right sees gains in exit polls
Modi sworn in as prime minister for third term after poll disappointment
Biden to visit U.S. cemetery in France in latest bid to combat ‘Trump amnesia’
Israel-Gaza war live updates: At least 210 Palestinians killed during Israeli raid to rescue 4 hostages
Aid to Gaza restarted after repairs to U.S. military pier, Pentagon says
Despite Biden’s urging, cease-fire deal shows no progress
U.S. intelligence aided Israeli hostage rescue
Israel rescues hostages from Gaza, leaving trail of death and destruction
For Israel, a rare day of joy amid bloodshed as 4 hostages are rescued alive
Biden marks D-Day by channeling Reagan and contrasting with Trump
Legacy of America’s past battles looms over Israel-Gaza crisis
Israel says four hostages rescued alive in Gaza operation