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Hezbollah bigger challenge than Hamas to Israel: ‘Crown jewel in the Iranian empire of terror’
German police shoot ax-wielding man with 'incendiary device' threatening fans near Euro 2024 soccer match
At 28, Jordan Bardella shakes up French politics: 'People across France have woken up'
Christian knights continue delivering babies in Bethlehem as Israel-Hamas conflict devastates Holy Land
Italian PM Meloni gives France's Macron 'death stare' after clash over G-7 statement
Israeli-deployed AI in Gaza likely helps IDF reduce civilian casualties, expert says
Pope Francis warns of AI in first-ever G-7 papal address, urges 'safeguards' for 'proper human control'
Cambodian authorities burn $70M of seized illegal drugs in major crackdown
Mexico hot tub death: US tourist who was electrocuted remembered as ‘big family man’ who had 'heart of gold’
Iran defies Biden, UN by enriching uranium for nuclear weapons program
US Navy faces most intense combat since WWII against Yemen's Iran-backed Houthi rebels, officials say
Japan stands firm on Osprey flights despite US restrictions, defense chief says
Animal caretakers in Thailand 'shocked' after surprise birth of rare twin elephants
Sweden's oldest amusement park failed to properly test parts prior to fatal roller coaster derailment
World leaders gather in Switzerland for Ukraine peace summit, excluding Russia
Here's what Russia's warships in Cuba are capable of
Ship hit twice in apparent Houthi cruise missile attack off Yemeni coast
Labour Party leader vows end to UK politics defined by 'gestures and gimmicks' if he wins power
Heatwave shutters Acropolis in Athens for second consecutive afternoon
1,000 days have passed since Taliban banned girls from attending school past 6th grade: UNICEF
Two children dead after undergoing routine medical procedures at Canadian hospital
G-7 summit begins as leaders back deal to use interest from Russian assets for Ukraine aid
Pope Francis to meet with Biden, Zelenskyy and other world leaders at G-7 summit
Italian lawmakers brawl in parliament: video
Hezbollah bombards Israel with rockets, drones
Europeans await China's response to new EU tariffs on Chinese cars
Spotlight on Italy's Meloni as she hosts Biden, G-7 leaders amid ongoing global crises
Mother of rescued Hamas hostage says son described 'strange rules' while in captivity
Country's food police recall various types of instant noodles for being too spicy
Man killed after getting electrocuted in seaside resort jacuzzi
Riot police unleash tear gas, water cannons on rowdy anti-Milei protesters in Buenos Aires
Armenia to withdraw from Moscow-dominated security alliance as tensions flare
Over 80 dead in latest Congo boat accident
9 killed in Russian aerial attacks on Ukraine ahead of G7 summit aimed at slowing Moscow's offensive
Macron stands by move to dissolve parliament, trigger snap elections
Russian warships arrive in Cuba ahead of military exercises, tensions with West over Ukraine
Hezbollah terrorists launch massive rocket attack on Israel amid mounting tensions
Hungary won't veto NATO support to Ukraine, but it won't participate, leader says
41 confirmed dead after fire breaks out in Kuwaiti building housing workers
US college instructor describes surviving China stabbing attack, says he didn't 'realize what was happening'
German researchers decode earliest known written record of Jesus' childhood
Hamas says US ceasefire proposal created a 'wide pathway' to reach deal in Gaza
Texas family seeks justice after death of father in Syria’s notorious prison system: 'Tortured and murdered'
French far right seeks alliance with conservatives after stunning EU Parliament wins
Haitian transitional council appoints new Cabinet as country looks to recover from gang-run turmoil
Trudeau expands probe into claims Canadian lawmakers conspired with China, India to sway elections
Hostage-freeing Israeli raid may have entailed war crimes on both sides, UN says
King Charles III portrait is vandalized by animal rights activists, video shows
Kharkiv mayor says permission to use weapons against Russia has brought 'period of calm'
Hamas says it accepts UN ceasefire resolution, but Blinken an obstacle to negotiations
At least 49 dead and 140 missing after migrant boat sinks near Yemen, UN agency says
Malawi vice president, 9 others killed in a plane crash, president says
Al Qaeda chief invites foreign fighters to train in Afghanistan, target West: 'Safe haven for terrorists'
Zelenskyy appeals for aid, investment in energy sector at Ukraine Recovery Conference in Berlin
4 US college instructors stabbed in attack at Chinese public park
European voters reject socialism, far-left policies in EU Parliament elections: 'Political earthquake'
Russia, Belarus run second stage of tactical nuclear weapons drills in response to 'Western provocation'
Hamas Oct 7 massacre has legal scholars creating new war crime category
Russia expels Austrian journalist after similar move by Vienna against Tass counterpart
Orbán government takes victory lap, despite party's worst-ever performance in EU parliament race
Houthis claim 'American-Israeli spy network' members arrested
Man sent to mental hospital for trying to start gay club in Pakistan: report
Search continues after plane carrying Malawi's vice president goes missing
Explosion injures 9 in Acapulco, Mexico's main square
Dramatic video shows moment Israeli hostages are recovered in daring rescue
Israel targets weapons, supply lines in Syria as tensions with Hezbollah threaten to boil over
Blinken lands in Egypt as Biden admin seeks to push ceasefire, prevent escalation with Hezbollah
North Korea is installing loudspeakers along border, South Korea says
Ukraine considers keeping F-16 jets abroad to protect from Russian strikes
Germany's conservatives finish first in EU election, as far-right momentum sends France's leader scrambling
US consulate in Sydney vandalized with suspected anti-Israel graffiti: report
World forgets ‘catastrophic’ war in Sudan as Russia, Iran, others reportedly feed fighting with arms
Iran-backed Houthi rebels strike 2 commercial ships in Gulf of Aden
Israel demands answers from Al Jazeera why ‘Hamas terrorist’ allegedly worked as a reporter
France's Macron calls snap legislative elections after party's resounding defeat in EU vote
Israeli war cabinet minister Benny Gantz quits Netanyahu's emergency government
Nigel Farage shakes up UK election, establishment on return to politics: 'British Trump'
Body of missing TV doctor Michael Mosley believed found on Greek island
Hamas 'Green Prince' shocked by college campus anti-Israel protests: 'They don't understand'
UN will declare that both Hamas and Israel are violating children's rights in armed conflict
European farmers' discontent with EU climate policies may sway elections: expert
How Israel's daring hostage rescue mission unfolded: 'A surgical operation'
Ex-Israeli defense minister says Iran planning nuclear Holocaust as regime censored over atomic program
Israel rescues 4 hostages kidnapped by Hamas: 'We are overjoyed'
Bukele has El Salvador poised to prosper after stopping murder, migration cold in first term
AI enabling Iran’s crackdown on women as authoritarian regime uses tech to enforce head covering
Cruise passenger falls overboard while ship sails through fjord: officials
Zelenskyy welcomes French promises of warplanes to help fight Russia
Denmark's Prime Minister Frederiksen assaulted Copenhagen, man arrested
Eerie surveillance photos show missing TV doctor Michael Mosley on day of disappearance
Chinese coast guard blocked medical evacuation, Philippines says: 'barbaric and inhumane'
Belarus requests information to investigate Polish soldier's fatal stabbing at border
Search continues for TV doctor Michael Mosley missing in Greece
Embargoed by the West, Russia finds new business partners at its annual investment forum
3 Americans in alleged Congo coup appear in military court
With European Parliament elections underway, here's a look at how the EU works
US military reconnects $320M Gaza pier after repairs, expecting aid to flow soon
Sweden's defense chief voices concern over Bejing's 'aggressive' maneuvers in South China Sea
13 injured in explosion at home improvement store in Romania, authorities say
South Korea remains vigilant for more North Korean trash balloons after vowing retaliation