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French, Swiss Finance Firms Top Europe Charts for Boardroom Political Links
Scale of Sunak’s Challenge Laid Bare by Disastrous UK Polling
RBA’s Inflation Fight
Nuclear Powers Set to Continue Boosting Operational Warheads
US, South Korea, Japan to Lock In Security Ties Before Inauguration
Thai Royalists Make Risky Bet in Fresh Showdown With Thaksin
Zuma Party Takes Up South Africa Assembly Seats, Challenges Vote
Kashkari Says Fed Well-Placed to Take Its Time Ahead of Rate Cut
Venezuela Watchers Say Maduro Will Seek to Evade Latest Sanctions
Northeastern US to Swelter in the First Heat Wave of the Season
Several Global South Nations Don’t Sign Ukraine Statement
German Police Shoot Man With Axe Before Euro 2024 Match
Germany Mulls Migration Pact With Uzbekistan to Deport Afghans
Scholz Demands More Team Spirit as Budget Showdown Looms
Labour’s Streeting Seeks to End Junior Doctor Strikes in England on ‘Day One’
Texas Shooting at Juneteenth Celebration Leaves at Least Two People Dead
US Lawmakers to Visit India to Strengthen Ties, Meet Dalai Lama
Why Russia’s Bond With North Korea Is a Danger to the World
Shooting in Michigan Leaves 'Numerous Wounded Victims,' Police Say
Houthi-Stricken Cargo Carrier’s Crew Abandons Ship Due to Fire
Latest Polls Show UK Conservatives Headed for Election Wipeout
China’s Li Begins Australia Trip With Symbolism Masking Tensions
Canada’s Energy Hub Declares Emergency After Water Main Break
United Ireland Should Be Political Objective, Former PM Says
Biden Plans Fundraiser at Hamptons Home of Hedge Fund Manager
Ed Davey Says UK Needs Closer Ties With Europe to Lift Business
One in Four Voters Are Double-Haters, Rejecting Trump and Biden
Danes Asked to Keep Supplies, Iodine Pills to Prepare for Crises
Lula Says Tax Fight Hasn’t Weakened Brazil’s Finance Minister
Meloni Uses the G-7 to Put Focus on the Global South — And Herself
Starmer Concerned by EU’s Shift to Right as France Calls Vote
Italy’s PM Meloni Says Will Travel to China in Coming Weeks
Iran Ex-Official, Swedish Citizens Freed in Prisoner Exchange
Zelenskiy Vows to Forge Ahead as Summit Risks Falling Short
Biden Looks to Hollywood for 2024 Boost. It Hasn’t Been That Simple
France Prepares for Far-Right Protests as Le Pen Leads the Polls
ECB’s Inflation Problem Mustn’t Drag Into 2026, Kazaks Says
Harris to Announce Aid to Bolster Ukraine’s Battered Energy Grid
Stricken Red Sea Ship Is Taking on Water as It Awaits Salvage
Orano at Risk of Losing Niger Uranium Mine Sought by Russia
Charting the Global Economy: Fed Holds; BOJ Leaves Yen at Risk
Scholz Dismisses Putin’s Conditions for Ukraine Peace Talks
Ukraine Will Face Even Longer Blackouts Next Week Due to Repairs
Tax Doubts Look Set to Dog Keir Starmer to Election and Beyond
More Germans Buckle Under Debt After Rocky Few Years for Economy
Philippines Asserts Rights to South China Sea Resources at UN
Milei-Lula Differences Are More Visible Than Ever at G-7 Summit
North Korea Building Walls Along Border With South, Yonhap Says
Colombian Lower House Passes Bill to Overhaul Pension System
US Says Houthis Seek Allies in Bid to Upend Global Shipping
Australia’s NSW State to Increase Duties on Foreign Home Buyers
Macron’s Election Gamble Gives Europe Brexit Nightmares Again
Ramaphosa Reelected as South African President
No-Shows at Ukraine Summit Underscore Ambivalence Over War
Murder Plot Furor Fades as Modi Emerges From Spurned Status
Sunak Vows to Stay as MP for 5 Years If Tories Lose UK Election
Taiwan Envoy Says Island Deepening Ties With US to Deter China
Home Affordability to Improve in Canada as Rates Fall and Incomes Rise, BMO Says
DOJ Won’t Prosecute Garland for Contempt of Congress
Macron Accuses French Left and Right of ‘Incoherent’ Pitches
California Voters Sour on New Bonding Measures, Poll Shows
G-7 Leaders Gather for Historic Family Photo With Pope Francis
Saudis Woo Billionaires in Rio as Wealth Fund Taps Latin America
Niger Stops Chinese Oil Exports Through Benin Over Border Feud
US Sanctions Israeli Extremist Group for Destroying Gaza Aid
Scholz Pressed to Sharpen His Leadership After EU Election Rout
Colombia Targets Widest Fiscal Deficit Since 2020 Pandemic
Crop-Top Tax Offers a Bit of Relief to Struggling Brazil Retailers
Google Ad Tech Antitrust Suit Will Go to Trial, Judge Rules
Labour Donations Almost Double the Tories in First Pre-Vote Data
Finland Set to Boost NATO Stance With Multinational Battle Group
Voting Procedure Slows Election of South African President
India, Saudi Arabia to Send Senior Envoys to Ukraine Summit
Summers Says Trump Tax Ideas Mean ‘Mother of All Stagflations’
South African Lawmakers Pick ANC’s Didiza as Parliament Speaker
Building Nuclear Power Is a Bridge Too Far for World’s Private Investors
ECB Officials See No Cause for Alarm Over France’s Market Turmoil
Bump Stock Ban Tossed Out by Supreme Court in Gun-Rights Win
Sheinbaum Win Gives AMLO One More Shot to Boost State Utilities
French Republican Party Faces Implosion as Boss Fights Ouster
Starmer Can Raise Taxes on Banks, Pensions Without a Big U-Turn
Spending Dispute Puts EU Top Job Hopeful Kallas on Defensive
South Africa Unity Government Parties Back Rapid Economic Growth
Markets Cheer South Africa’s Move to Broad Government Alliance
French Left Unveils Plan to Undo Macron’s Reforms and Defy EU
Pope Lands at G-7 as Abortion Reference Dropped From Communique
Putin Demands Ukraine Pull Out of Four Regions for Peace Talks
Trump, Biden Prep for Debate Where Any Misstep Threatens Hopes
Farage’s Reform Party Rises to Record, Poll of Polls Shows
Crypto Titans’ $160 Million War Chest Threatens Senate Democrats
China Is Facing Trade Disputes on Every Continent
Draghi Showcases Sweden in EU Push for More Productive Economy
Macron Election Call Sends French Markets to Worst Week in Years
South African Parties Agree to Reelect Ramaphosa as President
Greek Premier Reshuffles His Cabinet After European Vote Outcome
Greece to Cap Number of Cruise Ships at Its Most Popular Islands
Why Ukraine Isn’t Ready for Peace Talks
Stellantis May Move Some Chinese EV Output to Europe on Tariffs
Orban Vows to Avenge EU Ruling, Clouding Hungary’s Presidency