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8 Israeli soldiers killed in southern Gaza ambush; deadliest day in months
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Honduras to build 20,000-inmate ‘megaprison’ as part of gang crackdown
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Palestinian teen dies from starvation
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The Narrative War
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Israel uses ‘medieval-style’ weapons on south Lebanon border
Wild Przewalski’s horses return to Kazakhstan after 200 years
One sailor injured, merchant ship on fire after Houthi missile attack
Malaysia handed back $156m in stolen 1MDB funds, US embassy says
Russia says US journalist Evan Gershkovich to face trial for ‘CIA work’
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G7 leaders agree to $50bn loan for Ukraine at annual summit
Violations against children in conflict reach ‘extreme levels’, UN says
US Supreme Court upholds access to abortion pill
A brawl breaks out in Italian parliament over reforms
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Hezbollah launches rockets, drones at northern Israel military sites