Blockchain News

SingularityNET (AGIX) Unveils Biweekly Development Progress on Decentralized AI Platform
NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang Encourages Caltech Graduates to Embrace Unconventional Paths
Binance Celebrates Eid al-Adha with 1 BTC and 30,000 FDUSD Giveaway
SingularityNET (AGIX): Understanding the Key Differences Between Narrow AI and AGI
Top 10 Uses of Streaming Speech-to-Text Technology Today
B3 Launches AI Assistant to Educate Brazilian Investors
AssemblyAI Introduces German STT and Enhances PII Detection
OFAC Designates Nordic Resistance Movement as SDGT
NVIDIA and Stanford Collaborate to Develop Lightweight XR Glasses Using AI
Veronica Miller's Journey from Eritrean Refugee to NVIDIA Technical Program Manager
NVIDIA Introduces Five New Free Technical Courses for Developers
LangChain Releases New Features to Enhance User Experience
NVIDIA Launches Nemotron-4 340B for Synthetic Data Generation in AI Training
Gala Music Unveils NxWorries Mystery Box Featuring Exclusive Content
Bitcoin (BTC) Layer 2 Revolution: The Role of Ordinals in Sparking Innovation
Uniswap (UNI) Integrates ZKsync for Enhanced Trading Experience
OKX Adjusts Minimum Trade Amounts for Spot Trading Pairs
Rabby Wallet Integrates IOTA EVM to Enhance Multi-Chain DeFi Experience
HKMA Broadens Mortgage Insurance Programme Eligibility Criteria
Worldcoin (WLD) Expands Investment and Services in Argentina
Binance to Support Token Merge for (FET), Ocean Protocol (OCEAN), and SingularityNET (AGIX)
Bitfinex to List zkSync’s Native Token ZK, Enhancing Ethereum Scalability
Binance Announces Scheduled Wallet Maintenance for BNB Smart Chain (BEP20)
HKMA Reports Increase in Exchange Fund Foreign Assets in May 2024
SFC Commends Progress on Mainland-Hong Kong Mutual Recognition of Funds Enhancement
HKMA Adjusts Countercyclical Measures for Property Mortgage Loans
Hunters On-Chain Revolutionizes Blockchain Gaming with NFT Integration
WriterDuet Integrates Leonardo's AI to Revolutionize Screenwriting
Leonardo.Ai Unveils Comprehensive Webinar Guide for AI-Powered Image Generation
A Comprehensive Guide to Purchasing NFTs on the Immutable (IMX) Ecosystem
HKMA Warns Public About Fraudulent Website Impersonating Ant Bank (Hong Kong) Limited
Filecoin (FIL) Launches Onboarding Innovation Grants Program to Boost Data Onboarding
OKX Ventures Joins as Founding Member of to Enhance DeFi Ecosystem
Binance to Support Chiliz (CHZ) Network Upgrade and Hard Fork
Riot Platforms Acquires 14% Stake in Bitfarms Ltd.
NVIDIA Enhances RDMA Performance with DOCA GPUNetIO
OpenAI Appoints Retired U.S. Army General Paul M. Nakasone to Board of Directors
Binance Celebrates 200M Users with Local Events and 100 BNB Giveaway
Pointdot Leverages Leonardo's AI Suite to Revolutionize Marketing Campaigns
Binance Launches Futures Mock Copy Trading Competition with 30,000 USDT in Rewards
Galaxy: Ethereum Developers Discuss Key Upgrades in All Core Developers Consensus Call #135
Sui Introduces Secure Native Randomness for Testnet Applications
Github: Leveraging RAG to Unlock Insights from Unstructured Data
Bondex Secures Strategic Investment from Animoca Brands to Expand Web3 Recruitment Platform
Anyscale Introduces Multi-Tenant Serve Applications with Containerized Runtime Environments
LangChain: LangSmith Introduces Workspaces for Enhanced Team Collaboration and Organization
Taiko (TAI) Unveils Raiko: A Multi-Prover Revolutionizing ZK-Proof Systems
NVIDIA Releases Omniverse Kit 106 Beta for Cloud-Based OpenUSD Applications
Binance Futures to Update Leverage and Margin Tiers for KSM, DASH, IOTA, ASTR and KAVA USDⓈ-M Perpetual Contracts
Panasonic Information Systems Chooses Oracle Cloud to Modernize Internal Infrastructure
NVIDIA: Sea of Thieves and More Join GeForce NOW Library
BNB Chain and Binance Labs Unveil BNB Incubation Alliance to Boost Blockchain Innovation
Manta Foundation Unveils $50M EcoFund to Foster Blockchain Innovation
Understanding AIOZ Network (AIOZ): Decentralized Infrastructure for the Digital Era
Ripple (XRP): XRPL EVM Sidechain to Boost Interoperability with Axelar Bridge Integration
Why Top Gaming Studios are Diving into Web3 Gaming
OKX to Launch ONE Subscriptions on On-chain Earn Platform
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Extends Oracle EHR Modernization Contract
Binance Integrates DeXe (DEXE) on BNB Smart Chain, Opens Deposits and Withdrawals
Binance Unveils New IOTX Locked Products Offering Up to 11.9% APR
Binance Launches Rising Stars Challenge with 1 ETH and 11,000 FDUSD in Rewards
Binance Futures Updates Leverage and Margin Tiers for FETUSDT, AGIXUSDT, and OCEANUSDT
Bitfarms to Develop 120 MW Bitcoin Mining Facility in Pennsylvania, Projects Over 35 EH/s by 2025
Ethereum (ETH) Network: A Pillar of Decentralized Digital Economy
Hong Kong Monetary Authority Responds to US Federal Reserve's Interest Rate Decision
Bitfarms Responds to Riot Platforms' Alleged Disruption of Strategic Review
Stellar (XLM) Cash-to-DeFi Challenge Highlights Innovative Financial Solutions at Consensus X EasyA 2024 Hackathon
NVIDIA CEO Highlights Data as 'Gold Mine' at Databricks Data + AI Summit
NVIDIA (NVDA) Schedules Annual Stockholder Meeting for June 26, 2024
NVIDIA Unveils Grouped GEMM APIs in cuBLAS 12.5 to Boost DL and HPC Performance
GitHub Reports Minimal Service Disruption in May 2024
NVIDIA Achieves Record Performance in Latest MLPerf Training Benchmarks
Developers Harness Technology to Tackle Global Emergencies
Decoding AI Performance: Analyzing TOPS and Tokens on NVIDIA RTX PCs
Binance Auctions Rare Portugal NFT with Cristiano Ronaldo Meet-and-Greet
Circle Expands Web3 Services to Solana (SOL), Empowering Developers with New Tools
Anthropic Explores Challenges and Methods in AI Red Teaming
MeTTa: The Language Driving the Future of AGI Development
Deploying Trillion Parameter AI Models: NVIDIA's Solutions and Strategies
Understanding Zero-Knowledge Proofs: A Deep Dive into Blockchain Privacy
SFC Outlines Regulatory Expectations for Virtual Asset Trading Platforms Post-Transition
VeChain Foundation Releases Q1 2024 Treasury Report
NVIDIA Breaks Records in Generative AI with MLPerf Training v4.0
Pyth Network Integrates Price Oracles with IOTA EVM
Binance Completes WazirX (WRX) Contract Swap, Opens Deposits and Withdrawals
Segantii Capital Management Faces Insider Dealing Charges in District Court
HKMA Alerts Public on Fraudulent Websites Linked to Mizuho Bank
Binance Futures Launches Grand Tournament with 3M USDT Prize Pool
Oracle Cloud Empowers Restaurants with Advanced POS Solutions
Filecoin (FIL) Integrates with CryptoEternalAI to Enhance Decentralized AI
Oracle Introduces PCI-Compliant Payment Cloud Service in the UK
OKX Introduces USDT-Margined Perpetual Futures for ATH Crypto
Tezos (XTZ) Unity SDK Simplifies Large-Scale Game Development
Neural Radiance Fields (NeRFs) Revolutionize 3D Modeling from 2D Images
Automate PII Redaction from Audio Files Using Node.js and AssemblyAI
Nordic Service Partners Leverages Oracle Cloud to Enhance KFC Operations
Understanding LSD BNB: Enhancing Liquidity and Flexibility with BNB Staking
BitMEX to Implement New Fee Structure for Spot Trading
Bitfinex: Aethir (ATH) Seeks to Revolutionize Decentralized Cloud Computing
Binance to Adjust Step Size for Spot Trading Pairs on June 19, 2024