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Heavy rains set off landslides in central Ecuador, killing at least 5 people
Milan Fashion Week: Prada projects youthful optimism, not escapism, in a turbulent world
Pakistani Taliban announce a 3-day cease-fire with security forces on Eid al-Adha holiday
Jordan says 14 Jordanian pilgrims have died from sunstroke during the Muslim Hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia
Candidates race into France's snap legislative poll but one convicted for spousal assault withdraws
Britain's July 4 election is fast approaching. Rishi Sunak is running out of time to change the tune
Nations resume talks on peace in Ukraine with Russia absent
Cyprus records a second death from heatstroke as temperatures soar
LGBT soldiers in Ukraine hope their service is changing attitudes as they rally for legal rights
Security forces storm a detention center in southern Russia, killing an unknown number of hostage takers
Inmates take staff hostage at a detention center in southern Russia
In South Africa, traditional healers join the fight against HIV. Stigma remains high in rural areas
For Senegalese fishermen, Eid al-Adha is now a source of anguish, not a joyful occasion
Israeli military announces 'tactical pause' in attempt to increase flow of aid into hard-hit Gaza
Singapore rushes to clean-up oil slick after boat hits stationary fuel supply ship
Toyota shareholders demand vote against chairman Toyoda as automaker embroiled in testing scandal
Chinese premier promises more pandas and urges Australia to put aside differences
Outraged Brazilian women stage protests against bill to equate late abortions with homicide
Texan whose husband died by hot tub electrocution at Mexican beach resort files wrongful death suit
Honduras plans to build a 20,000-capacity 'megaprison' for gang members as part of a crackdown
Rome LGBTQ+ Pride parade celebrates 30th anniversary, makes fun of Pope Francis comments
Milan menswear seeks reassurance in nostalgia and artisanal craft, from Fendi to Dolce&Gabbana
UK government demands an explanation after police ram a runaway cow with a squad car
Haitian leaders appoint a new police chief to fight gangs as the number of officers killed grows
Iran and Sweden agree to a prisoner swap freeing man convicted of war crimes over '88 executions
World leaders to meet at Swiss resort on possible Ukraine peace roadmap. Russia is notably absent
US military targets Houthi radar sites in Yemen after a merchant sailor goes missing
Ecuadorian lawmakers block indictment of vice president whom authorities accuse of collusion
Canadian auto parts billionaire Frank Stronach accused of sexually assaulting 3 complainants
US Navy faces its most intense combat since World War II against Yemen's Iran-backed Houthi rebels
Putin pledges a cease-fire in Ukraine if Kyiv withdraws from occupied regions
Kate, Princess of Wales, says she's making ‘good progress’ in cancer treatment
The Latest | Hezbollah says its intensified attacks show Israel that all-out war would be costly
Biden, Meloni meet on sidelines of G7 summit but one notable matter wasn't on the table: abortion
What happened this week in the UK election campaign. From manifesto launches to robots and Haribos
NATO approves a plan to speed security aid and training to Ukraine's beleaguered armed forces
South Africa's second biggest party says it will back Cyril Ramaphosa for president, almost guaranteeing his reelection
Explosions in a Swiss garage have left 2 people dead and 11 injured
Putin promises a cease-fire in Ukraine if Kyiv withdraws troops from occupied regions and renounces plans to join NATO
Swedish officials say weak replacement parts caused roller coaster accident that killed 1, injured 9
Chinese journalist who promoted #MeToo movement sentenced to 5 years in prison
AP Week in Pictures: Europe and Africa
A peace summit for Ukraine opens in Switzerland, but Russia won't be taking part
G7 leaders tackle the issue of migration on the second day of their summit in Italy
Storms in Chile damage homes, flood roads and leave at least 1 person dead
Naomi Klein and V. V. Ganeshananthan win Women's Prize literary awards
South Africa's ANC party says it has a broad agreement with the main opposition and others on a coalition government
British coroner criticizes US government over death of teen motorcyclist Harry Dunn in 2019
Israelis and Palestinians are hopeful but cautious over the latest cease-fire proposal
Spain and Turkey call on the international community to act to stop the war in Gaza
Even when Africans want to visit Europe legally, rejection rates are high. Algeria is one example
South Africa's health authorities report 2 deaths from mpox this week and warn of local transmission
Puerto Rico restores power after a massive blackout as lawmakers call for a state of emergency
Firefighters battle massive fire at northern Iraq oil refinery
Masses of pilgrims in Saudi Arabia circle the Kaaba ahead of the official beginning of the Hajj
US, Europe agree to lock up Russian assets until it pays for Ukraine war, clearing way for $50B loan
US, European nations agree to lock up Russian assets until Moscow pays for Ukraine war, clearing the way for $50B loan
US reporter Evan Gershkovich, jailed in Russia on espionage charges, to stand trial, officials say
Unusually heavy monsoon rains in Pakistan will affect 200,000 people, a top UN official warns
U.S. reporter Evan Gershkovich jailed in Russia on espionage charges to stand trial in Yekaterinburg, authorities say (CORRECTS: A previous APNewsAlert misspelled Gershkovich's name)
Italy's G7 venue is a faux medieval luxury resort far from public view
Bulgarian ex-prime minister Borissov offers a coalition. But he doesn't want his old job back
Suspected attack by Yemen's Houthi rebels sees missile strike ship in Gulf of Aden, officials say
UK Labour leader Keir Starmer says he'll end the era of 'gestures and gimmicks' if he wins power
The UK Green Party struggles to be heard in an election where climate change is on the back burner
Poland reintroduces restrictions on accessing areas along Belarus border due to migration pressure
Fistfight erupts in Italian Parliament as tensions rise over expanding regional autonomy
What we know ahead of Friday's deadline for South Africa to form a coalition and elect a president
Rights groups urge Thailand not to extradite Vietnamese activist, saying he's at risk if sent home
The Latest | US national security adviser says Israel stands behind cease-fire proposal
Iranian authorities release French national Louis Arnaud, imprisoned for over 20 months
Heat forces Greek authorities to shut down Acropolis during afternoon hours for a second day running
Australian man goes on trial in Indonesia for alleged drug possession on Bali
European Court of Justice fines Hungary 200 million euros for failing to comply with asylum rules
EU court orders Hungary to pay 200 million euros fine, plus extra 1M euros per day for failure to apply asylum policies
South Africa political parties cobble together unity government as deadline to elect president looms
The Latest: Italy hosts the Group of Seven summit with global conflicts on the agenda
A Chinese history buff finds military secrets in a pile of old papers he bought for under $1
Argentina's Senate accepted President Milei's radical overhaul. Now things get complicated
One year later, migrants who cheated death off Greece seek justice and struggle to cope with life
G7 summit opens with deal to use Russian assets for Ukraine as EU's traditional powers recalibrate
Aspects of US restrictions on asylum-seekers may violate international protections, UNHCR head says
In initial victory for Argentine President Milei, the Senate gives overall approval to key economic reform bills
Widespread outage hits Puerto Rico as customers demand ouster of private electric company
Argentina’s Senate begins voting on bill package that is a key test for populist President Javier Milei’s government
1,000 days have passed since the Taliban barred girls from secondary education, the UN says
China's Premier Li is visiting New Zealand, where security fears vie with trade hopes on the agenda
Mexico finds the remains of some of the 63 miners who died 18 years ago
Argentine riot police disperse protesters with water cannons ahead of key Senate vote
Yemen's Houthi rebels likely launch boat-borne attack against commercial ship in Red Sea
Highly potent opioids are showing up in drug users in Africa for the first time, report says
The University of Cambridge returns 39 traditional artifacts to Uganda in a major act of restitution
Macron suspends controversial voting reform in New Caledonia
South Africa's IFP party says it will join a unity government, a step toward ending deadlock
Wreckage of last ship belonging to famed Irish explorer found off coast of Canada
Pakistan’s new government presents its first budget as it seeks a new long-term IMF bailout
The wreck of the last ship of a famed Irish explorer of Antarctica has been found off the coast of Canada
Russia, largely excluded from international sports, hosts athletes at BRICS Games
Denmark recalls 3 spicy instant noodle soup brands from South Korea used in online food challenges
What are the main sticking points in the cease-fire talks between Israel and Hamas?