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A preference for enemies over partners: How Smotrich and Ben-Gvir control Netanyahu - opinion
The world doesn't get to tell Israel how it can rescue its hostages
The haredi draft crisis that will not disappear: A look at Israel's 'Amendment No. 26'
A government that allows for the haredi draft evasion must go
Silence in the face of global antisemitism isn't an option anymore - opinion
Hagari addresses Israel: 'Hezbollah bringing us to brink of escalation'
One of Yemen's last Jews laid to rest by his Muslim neighbors
Poll reveals inconvenient truth: Palestinians like and support Hamas
High Court freezes comptroller probe into October 7 security failures
Government extends age cut off for IDF reserve duty amid heavy criticism
Don't be fooled by Iran's weak response to IAEA condemnations, missiles are on the way
'Crackhead Barney' harasses Quentin Tarantino over Israel support
Golders Green knifeman walks away from London court with suspended prison sentence
As November elections near in the US, Saudi Arabia works to finalize defense treaty
IDF, security forces arrest explosive-wielding terrorists in intense West Bank operation
Iran’s former president Ahmadinejad open to economic relations with US under Trump
Park Avenue Synagogue vandalized with 'Palestine' graffiti
Israel's 'tactical pause' in Rafah can be seen as defeat - analysis
Al-Jazeera caught censoring Gazan criticism for Hamas
IDF backtracks on Rafah tactical truce after Netanyahu, Ben-Gvir lash out
Sinking ships in Red Sea shows int’l community’s failure
Educator killed in Gaza married off one daughter, preparing for another’s wedding
'Destined for greatness': Remembering Eitan Koplovich
October 7 caused a nation of medically broken hearts, finds study
Haredi conscription, not Benny Gantz, may topple government
Every Israeli, including both Jews and Arabs, is equal in life and death
Months after her release: Freed Israeli hostage still faces nightmares, sees images of captors
'Queers for Palestine' are forcing LGBTQ+ Jews back into the closet
Ontario synagogue window smashed as attacks on Canadian Jewish sites continue
‘Disappearing Bible Campaign’ advocates for comprehensive Bible studies among Israelis
Israel must gear up for the evolving political landscape in India
Laivy Miller follows in the big footsteps of his father, Matisyahu
Pakistan to implement national firewall, cracking down on online dissent
Qatar and Egypt plan talks with Hamas on Gaza ceasefire
VP Kamala Harris to screen documentary on Oct. 7 sexual assaults at White House
Barefoot and afraid: Yamam fighters recount dramatic rescue of Noa Argamani from Gaza
'Our hearts shatter into pieces': Netanyahu, politicians mourn death of eight IDF soldiers
Rescued hostage Andrei Kozlov: '120 hostages still in Gaza, I cannot be happy while they're there'
'Noa, we're taking you home': Israel Police publish video of Noa Argamani's rescue from captivity
How an award ceremony reunited descendants of two saviors of Denmark's Jews
The Kremlin’s ties with terror groups casts shadow its neutral relationship with Israel
Sweden frees convicted former Iranian official Hamid Noury in prisoner exchange deal
US officials worry Israel will drag America into war against Hezbollah
Hamas and Hezbollah’s drone warfare poses new threats to Israel's security
'I'm pressuring the Israelis': Biden says he warned Israel to follow US instructions
Maintaining our humanity during a war for our survival
Fossils of 'sea phantom' flying reptile unearthed in Australia
Voices from the Arab Press: American attitudes towards the region
'Treasure': Julia von Heinz's film on Holocaust trauma
'Rave next to the gas chambers': Pro-Palestinian protesters compare Gaza to concentration camp
Pimm’s: an alcoholic fruit drink that keeps English summers afloat
The Jerusalem Jazz Festival marks its first decade
'Poignant and beautiful': CA schools hold graduation ceremonies without disruption over Gaza war
Ramat Rachel: The hilltop kibbutz that encapsulates Israel’s history
'Uncomfortable Conversations with a Jew': Acho and Tishby address antisemitism, struggles
The most Zionist thing to do is invest in Israeli technology
First time since end of Apartheid in 1994, SA ruling party ANC to form unity government with DA
Israel's Supreme Court against using terrorist Walid Daqqah's body as hostage bargaining chip
Campus life: Do American students in Israel want to return to the US?
Life's a Patchwork: How art and working with children enrich one woman's life
Due to reduced need, El Al ends Oct. 7 discount on donation baggage, quadrupling price
Father of rescued hostage Noa Argamani: ‘Don’t believe Hamas wants deal’
Noa Argamani and Israel’s fragile ties with China
Rescued hostage Andrey Kozlov urges public to join 'Bring them home' rally in Tel Aviv
Arab-Israeli relations depend on the speedy neutralization of Hamas
The world forgot Auschwitz, of course they have forgotten the hostages too
UK Jewish community welcomes sentencing of would-be synagogue suicide bomber
Draft evasion is not God’s will, and shouldn't be treated as such
In the heart of Nuseirat: IDF Paratroopers protect hostages under fire during Operation Arnon
Pasteurization may not clear bird flu virus from heavily infected milk
Pro-Palestinian activism doesn't actually try to solve the issue, says relative of Gazan casualties
Biden condemns 'horrific' acts of antisemitism this week in US
Israeli commandos rented house in Gaza to rescue hostages in dramatic operation
Sec. Austin: Israel has made changes but civilian casualty rates have been far too high
Why has China turned against Israel?
Grapevine, June 14, 2024: Shuttle diplomacy
ICC probes cyberattacks in Ukraine as possible war crimes - report
US attack sub, Canada navy patrol ship arrive in Cuba on heels of Russian warships
Ukraine dismisses Putin's ceasefire conditions as 'absurd'
Jerusalem Highlights June 14 – June 20
Elaine (Chava) Moshe: Keeper of ‘The Jerusalem Post’ history
Human rights groups push for UK to ban weapon sales to Israel
Russian oil exporters are charging more for oil in major market India since start of Ukraine war
Our government has sacrificed the hostages on the altar of an imaginary military victory
Anti-Israel activists allegedly throw firebomb at UC Berkeley building
Grapevine: Civil discussion
'I wish Hitler was still here': Anti-Israel protestor shouts at Nova massacre memorial
Irregular migration to Italy dramatically decreases as migrants accumulate in Tunisia
'Noa Argamani said they were slaves,' mother of hostage Liri Albag says
Belev Echad: The organization healing IDF soldiers’ wounds
US providing Israel with unprecedented amount of intelligence, but with restrictions
'Absolutely overwhelming': Dr. Phil visits site of Nova music festival massacre
When it comes to Israel, brains go out the window
Under scrutiny: Israel needs to stop tiptoeing around humanitarian law
Hochul considers NYC subway mask ban in wake of antisemitic, anti-Israel incidents
As Hamas demands changes to hostage deal, where will Israel not compromise?
Israel-Iran alliance: Jerusalem's arm sales to the Islamic Republic during Iran-Iraq War
Sinwar doesn't want ceasefire a deal, looking to up int'l pressure on Israel, expert says
Liberman's Yisrael Beytenu reaches 15-year peak after Gantz withdraws from gov't
Trump speaks at Capitol Hill for the first time since January 6 riots, calls Milwaukee 'horrible'