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Senate Democrat calls Supreme Court ‘brazenly corrupt’ as he blasts justices over recent scandals
Sounds fishy! Hamptons deli charging $120 for pound of lobster salad
Outrage after Caitlin Clark is whacked on the head by rival Angel Reese in latest WNBA dust up
Pro-life candidate in Colorado race asked about girlfriend’s abortion in excruciating interview
Five-year-old girl rushed to ICU after being strangled by jump rope in freak accident at summer camp
Georgia inmate shoots and kills 24-year-old female food service worker inside the prison’s kitchen
Nurse weeps in court after arrest for swapping patient meds with water as hospital chief warns of theft probe
Wife whose husband died from electrocution in Mexican resort hot tub files $1m lawsuit
Zelensky says he would hold peace talks tomorrow if Russia leaves Ukraine territory
Splash pad shooter who left eight people injured identified as 42-year-old who lived with his mom
Wildfire erupts burning more than 11,000 acres near Los Angeles, mass evacuation underway
Trump’s veepstakes intensify as former rival rises to the top of the pile
Inside Greece’s tourist tragedies as Michael Mosley and four others die over 11 days in 40C heatwave
American found dead on Greek island as search continues for three other missing tourists
Moment Arizona sheriff’s deputy shoots dead seven starving and abandoned dogs after giving them water
Riot police in Germany intervene to stem fan clashes ahead of England vs. Serbia soccer match
George Clooney joins Hollywood fundraiser for Biden following White House spat over Amal’s work
Six earthquakes hit Southern California in one week. Does that mean ‘The Big One’ is coming?
Arrest made nearly a year after Rachel Morin was dragged from a Maryland running trail and murdered
Former director of the CDC predicts the next pandemic will be from bird flu
How Stockton Rush and the Titan sub disaster destroyed lives and dreams of deep-sea exploration
At least eight injured including boy, 8, shot in the head after gunman opens fire at splash pad
Two people are killed and multiple hurt when gunfire erupts at Round Rock Juneteenth celebration
Trump and Biden agree to mic-muting at first debate as ex-president appeals to Black voters in Detroit: Live
Hamburg incident: Police shoot man near Euro 2024 fan park ‘threatening officers with pickaxe’
Ukraine-Russia war – live: 3 civilians killed in Donetsk blast as Putin makes ‘absurd attempt to seduce West’
Sweden frees former Iranian official jailed for war crimes in prisoner swap
‘I talk to a lot of presidents’: Serena Williams gets testy when asked about Trump after being named on regular call list
Expanding heat dome to send temperatures soaring 20 degrees above normal in Northeast
Gunman shot and killed in police standoff at burning home, man unaccounted for
Hawaii’s new law could jail traditional midwives. They are fighting back
Wells Fargo fires ‘mouse jigglers’ who were faking work
Woman who spent a decade held captive warns that teens need to ‘learn about grooming and brainwashing’
Her middle school security guard held her captive for 10 years. Now Tanya Kach is revealing how she survived a decade locked upstairs
NBA legend Charles Barkley announces retirement from TV after 2024-25 season
Italian Premier Meloni describes Putin's cease-fire offer for Ukraine as 'propaganda'
Southwest Airlines plane comes within 400ft of slamming into ocean near Hawaii
Law & Order star Angie Harmon’s teenage daughter charged with breaking and entering
Donald Trump gets to sidestep the consequences of his conviction. Most people with criminal records don’t
Why losing trans pioneer Lynn Conway feels like a death in the family
A split second that changed two families’ lives forever: The case of Rebecca Grossman
Ukraine-Russia war – live: Leaders in Switzerland for major peace summit as Zelensky rejects Putin ‘ultimatum’
Public warned to avoid area after police standoff with gunman at burning home in Maine
Influencer fined £1,500 for trespassing on forbidden pink beach in Sardinia
We rescue Ukrainian children from Russia and see the trauma they suffer
Putin treats international law like ‘toilet paper’, says Kyiv’s top official as peace summit meets
Kidnapped, abused, humiliated – the Ukrainian children stolen by Russia
Cyril Ramaphosa is re-elected South Africa president in ‘new era’ of coalition
What we know about the fight between conspiracist Alex Jones and Sandy Hook families over his assets
Trump accuses Biden of providing ‘material support for terrorism’ after arrest of migrants over ISIS fears
Another juror has been excused from Karen Read trial with judge only saying it was ‘personal’
Anti-woke brigade are losing their minds about Disney’s new ride inspired by The Princess and the Frog
Second American goes missing in Greek isles, say police
Giuliani accused of spending money meant for bankruptcy case on his girlfriend and her daughter
Hiker dies in 300-foot fall off Colorado glacier
Family says Scientology officials prevented woman from seeking mental health treatment before she took her life
Waffle House customers to see higher prices as company increases worker pay
Las Vegas massacre survivor rips Supreme Court’s bump-stock ruling: ‘It’s disgusting’
IO DODDS: Why losing trans pioneer Lynn Conway feels like a death in the family
Fauci recounts expletive-laden lecture he got from Trump when stock market didn’t increase enough on vaccine news
Serial killer already convicted of 14 murders has just been charged in connection to a cold-case killing
‘We are just asking to continue to exist’: Hawaiian midwives sue the state in a high-stakes case
Dems slam ‘shameful’ House Republicans who voted to restore ‘mammy’ statue in Arlington
Senator runs campaign ad about his daughter’s IVF — 24 hours after voting against it
DOJ won’t prosecute Merrick Garland after Republicans vote to hold him in contempt
Rats and urine-stained mattresses: Maui fire survivors say FEMA housing has been a disaster
Trio brave Florida floodwaters by riding across intersection in canoe
Yellowstone visitors clamor to catch a glimpse of an elusive white bison calf
Religious conservatives are coming out hot against IVF. Trump is in trouble
A 13-year-old boy was found starved to death in a hotel room. Cops are now hunting for his mom
Joe Biden wishes Trump a happy birthday ‘from one old guy to another’
Trump calls 6’9 Barron a ‘good looking guy’ and shares details on his athletic career in Logan Paul interview
Putin offers truce if Ukraine exits Russian-claimed areas and drops NATO bid. Kyiv rejects it
A pro-Christian conference in Texas about the ‘war on white America’ is falling apart
Innocent elderly woman knocked out cold at LA airport when she lands in middle of a road-rage fight
Biden saw his dog attack Secret Service agents, who would wish each other ‘safe shift,’ report claims
Abducted girl, 4, found dead and her sister, 6, rescued in Mississippi after mother killed in Louisiana
ICU nurse arrested for swapping patients’ pain medication with tap water
Demolition of Parkland classroom building where 17 died in 2018 shooting begins
Putin warns West’s ‘theft’ of Russian assets in G7 deal won’t go unpunished
Alex Jones will have personal assets sold off to pay $1.5 billion Sandy Hook debt
Pope Francis urges G7 not to lose control of AI in historic speech
The Pope and 100 comedians walk into the Vatican...
Justice Sotomayor warns of ‘deadly consequences’ after Supreme Court conservatives reverse ban on bump stocks
Thanks but no thanks: Maryland GOP Senate nominee could care less about Donald Trump’s endorsement
Israeli ‘violent extremist group’ that blocked and destroyed Gaza aid sanctioned by US
Inside the small-town poker game crashed by Bill Gates: ‘Bill smelled the bulls**t on the cattle rancher’
Comedian says Marjorie Taylor Greene is ‘what a Waffle House sounds like at 3 am’ in backhanded compliment
6 kids, including a 9 year old, are charged after a 15-year-old Georgia boy drowns in a pond
Indonesia: Floods swamp homes forcing mass evacuations
Massive brawl breaks out in Italian parliament over local government bill
Scary skies: ‘Small holes’ lead to startling discovery of counterfeit titanium on Boeing and Airbus jets
Clarence Thomas took three more undeclared trips on his billionaire buddy’s jet
Pope Francis greets Jimmy Fallon, Chris Rock and Whoopi Goldberg during Vatican comedian meeting
Supreme Court strikes down ban on ‘bump stocks’ — a gun accessory used in 2017 Las Vegas massacre
Bankrupt Rudy has one less thing to worry about after Hunter Biden drops his lawsuit
Mike Tyson says Donald Trump was treated like a black person in court
US consumer sentiment falls for third month on concerns about persistent inflation
Republicans now want to rename the oceans after Donald Trump