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Gold Falls; May Remain Supported
The 'Coordination Tax' at Work Is Wearing Us Down
Brazil Thought It Was Safe From Natural Disasters. Then Came the Flood.
Activist Starboard Value Has Stake in Autodesk
More than a quarter of a million people demonstrated in cities across France to protest against Marine Le Pen's far-right party, which is projected to win more seats than any other in coming elections for the National Assembly.
Crew members on a Greek-owned coal vessel were forced to abandon ship after Yemen's Houthi rebels launched an attack using a remote-controlled sea drone, according to the U.S. military said.
Prosecutors used Hunter Biden's memoir, "Beautiful Things," as an extended confession that effectively served as a road map to a conviction on three felonies in the firearm case.
A bitter contest for a congressional seat in South Carolina has shone a light on a new housing subsidy for lawmakers that can amount to tens of thousands of dollars a year.
Russia said its security forces stormed a detention center in the city of Rostov-on-Don and killed six men linked to Islamic State who had taken two guards hostage at the facility.
Israel's military said it would pause fighting along a narrow strategic route in southern Gaza each day to facilitate the distribution of humanitarian aid.
Biden is attracting high-profile celebrity support as he seeks a second term, but so far the star power has largely come from the over-50 set while polls indicate that the president needs to shore up commitment from young voters.
Australia Shares Set to Slip Ahead of RBA Decision
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Russian Security Forces Kill Hostage Takers at Detention Center
Houthis Use Sea Drones to Attack Vessels as U.S. Aims to Secure Red Sea
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How Rubio Went From 'Little Marco' to Trump's VP Shortlist
China Television Drama Tries to Give the Xinjiang Region a Rosier Image
'Poo in the Water': How Financial Engineering Sullied Britain's Most Famous River
Russia Tries to Erase Evangelical Churches From Occupied Ukraine
Investors Fear Long Stretch of Calm in Markets Can't Last
When Caring for Your Parents Comes at a Cost to Your Career
The Influencer Is a Young Teenage Girl. The Audience Is 92% Adult Men.
Thousands Protest Against Far Right Across France
Iran Frees Two Swedish Citizens for Iranian Jailed in Sweden
EU Elections, Hunter Biden Trial and Scenes from Israel-Gaza Conflict
Reality TV's New Spin on Romance: Commitment Over Drama
Charles Barkley to Retire from 'Inside the NBA'
Apple Gives Banks a Bigger Bite of Its Payment Features
Sen. Menendez Cooked Up Bribery Schemes Over Booze, Cigars and Steak, Prosecutors Say
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Pensions Piled Into Private Equity. Now They Can't Get Out.
Biden Campaign Needs Younger Voters---and Younger Celebrity Backers
As Britain Gears Up for an Election, No One Is Talking About Brexit
Gen Z Palestinians See Door Slamming Shut on Coexistence With Israel
Why Democrats Keep Losing the Battle for Small-Town America
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Top CEOs Are Flocking to Trump Again in Bid to Shape Agenda
Why You Always Open That Duolingo Notification
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The Original War Game
U.S. stocks ended mixed, with the S&P 500 slipping from its record, but logging a weekly gain of 1.6%, while the Nasdaq rose to a record and a weekly gain of 3.2%. The Dow shed 0.5% for the week.
The French government offered to buy part of Atos's data and cybersecurity division for the equivalent of $751.6 million, including debt.
Tesco's sales rose in the first quarter and the grocer backed its guidance for the year, with easing inflation supporting strong volume growth and market share in the U.K.
Kirin plans to acquire Japanese cosmetics and dietary-supplement maker Fanci for more than $1.4 billion to help expand its health business.
Stellantis will shift production of some electric vehicles away from China in response to higher EU tariffs on Chinese-made EVs.
TikTok parent ByteDance will lay off staff at its Indonesian e-commerce unit to cut costs in the wake of a deal that let the video-sharing app reopen its online shop in the Southeast Asian country.
The State Department levied sanctions on a right-wing Israeli group involved in disrupting Gaza aid deliveries as Washington seeks to avert a deepening humanitarian crisis and tamp down risks of escalating the conflict.
The U.S. and other G-7 industrialized nations vowed to push back against a wave of cheap Chinese high-tech products in a coordinated attempt to counter what they consider to be unfair economic competition.
South African President Cyril Ramaphosa was re-elected after the pro-business Democratic Alliance party said it joined the ruling ANC in a national-unity government.
The Supreme Court in a 6-3 decision threw out a Trump-era ban on bump stocks, finding that the Justice Department exceeded its authority by classifying the device, which modifies a semiautomatic weapon to fire on full auto, as a machine gun.
Nigeria Drops Tax Charges Against Detained Binance Compliance Executive
Michael Jordan's Last Dance Should Be at the Masters
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A Judge Riles Hong Kong
Week Ahead for FX, Bonds: Rate Decisions Due in U.K., Australia
'Lift Every Voice and Sing': A Musical Monument to Freedom
Advance Auto Parts Says Hacker Selling Personal Data of Employees
Cooling Inflation Powers S&P 500, Nasdaq to Weekly Gains
The Dearth of Celebrities Is Nothing to Celebrate
Biden, Trump and the Lesson of Mario Cuomo in 1984